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Zoho CRM 2018: Introducing Zia Voice, a conversational AI for sales teams and much more.

We’re quite excited today to unveil Zoho CRM 2018, our smartest release ever. We are bringing to the market multiple innovations, improvements and additions to Zoho CRM. If we were...

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Sales Leadership: 3 simple ways to equip others to lead.

The below is a guest blog by J. Israel Greene, Certified Speaker, Leadership Teacher & Coach What are the essential drivers of success? Countless books have...

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Sales Leadership: 5 Questions that every good leader should be asking

The below is a guest blog by J. Israel Greene, Certified Speaker, Leadership Teacher & Coach People often think that, as a leader, you are supposed...

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Make your CRM implementation better with Blueprint

Your CRM success starts with your sales process. A process is only effective when it’s adhered to, and when you know how each part is...

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Zoho CRM through 2017

  See the complete list of all that was new in 2017 here. Please share anything you wish to in the comments below.

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Announcing Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox – A Chrome Extension To Make Your Sales Tasks Easier 

Email is the most essential part of your work life. Especially for your sales team, since each new inquiry means a new business opportunity.  According to a report by Radicati...

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Introducing Zoho CRM’s sticky notes

Post-it notes are one of the most successful accidents of our time. For a long time, post-it notes were a mainstay in many companies, and...

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Hop, skip, and jump over the pitfalls of duplicate data!

Have you ever had the same email sent multiple times to the same customer during a campaign? Ever had the same lead assigned to multiple...

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Announcing Zoho SalesInbox for Salesforce

Salespeople’s daily lives revolve around two apps: email and CRM. They use email for communicating internally and, most importantly, with prospects and customers. They use...

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3 must-have integrations for Zoho.

This is a guest blog post by Vanessa Rombaut, a Digital Communications Marketer at PieSync. @PieSync helps you to sync your customer data bi-directionally between your favorite cloud apps...

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