Sales leaders put time and effort into defining, planning, and setting up their sales process. But most of them stop there and don’t see if the process is followed through. The challenge isn’t only to define the process, but also to make sure every rep complies with each step. That’s why we built Blueprint for Zoho CRM.

Blueprints in Zoho CRM act as plans for your sales processes. It’s like the master plan, guiding everyone involved. Blueprint helps your sales teams in more than one way. Let’s look at a few.

You need no coding to get started.

What if we said you needed tens of hundreds of lines of code to build your process with Blueprint? I bet that wouldn’t be something that interests you. Luckily, that doesn’t interest us either. With Blueprint building your sales process is just as easy as sketching it on that white board you use for every Monday morning team meeting. All you need to do is just drag and drop to tie your sales actions together on the Blueprint editor. Simple but powerful.

No more half baked information.

Do you know how each rep has contacted a particular lead? What about how often notes are logged after calls? With Blueprint we make sure that your organization’s guidelines are put into practice by helping users to fill in that information at every step of the customer’s journey through the pipeline. This way your process has relevant and contextual data at every stage.

Ensure no deviations and no mistakes. 

Having a process without knowing what has to be done at every step is just as bad as not having a process at all. Can deals be negotiated without being qualified? Can contracts be sent to customers without the discount percentage being approved? Zoho CRM’s Blueprint let you specify the sequence for each of your routines, so everyone knows what they have to do and when they need to do it.

Discover where bottlenecks are.

Once you’ve implemented a process, you should know how it’s performing. Shouldn’t you know how much time your leads or deals spend on a particular process, or, more importantly, on every stage of your pipeline? Blueprint’s pre-built reports help you make continuous improvements to every custom process you define.

It’s time you got thinking about making your processes foolproof, not just when you’re around but when you’re not looking. From following up with a new lead to closing a new deal to processing online customer orders, Blueprint makes performing these routine tasks easy.

Learn more about Blueprint.

  1. Bryan M.

    This is nice but I can’t find any way to actually access the blue print feature.

  2. Miguel Angel Arce

    Great tool! Thanks.

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you for writing to us, Miguel. Glad you liked Blueprint.