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To date, we've deployed 46 applications with mobile and web capabilities using Zoho Creator, and when comparing it with other platforms, we realized that we've saved $670k

JojoJojo Guingao, Chief Digital Officer, Aboitiz Equity Ventures

Enterprise architects find success with Zoho Creator

Tech stack modernization

The need to modernize legacy systems is essential for enterprises looking to augment and equip their existing technology stack with modern technologies and cutting-edge capabilities. With Zoho Creator, enterprise architects can replatform legacy applications with cloud-native architectures, thereby reducing IT complexities, infrastructure costs, data inconsistencies, process rigidities, and redundancies.

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Quick, seamless integrations

Ensuring your business applications interface and engage with one another in a sensible and seamless manner is at the heart of enterprise architecture and digital innovation. Zoho Creator offers out-of-the-box integrations with over 200 popular 3rd party platforms. And creating custom APIs is simple with Creator, allowing you to build tight integrations with any system with an API endpoint.

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Automation-first philosophy

Automation constitutes a key tenet of Zoho Creator’s digital capabilities. Conceived on the principles of visual programming, Creator offers a wealth of built-in automations to accelerate application development and displace reliance on traditional hand-coding. Creator’s visual workflow designer allows for quick process automation, while its business-user-friendly programming language, Deluge, aids in advanced automation.

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Accelerated application development

Zoho Creator’s low-code platform is conceptualized around well-crafted abstractions of highly sought-after functionalities for typical enterprise-grade applications. Its robust feature set allows for building hyper-customized, intuitive applications that cater to different functional needs. And its suite of 65+ prebuilt model applications reflect the broad-ranged applicability and depth of customization possible for different business use cases and functional areas.

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Cohesive business IT and LOB functions

Gartner has estimated that by 2024, low-code technologies will contribute to 65% of all business application development. This means both IT and line-of-business functions will partake in development activities in near equal proportions in the future. Besides narrowing the gap between technical and nontechnical developers, Zoho Creator provisions a collaborative development environment that assures smooth handovers, easy customization and testing, adoption of reusable components, user activity logs, audit trails, and more, for greater cohesiveness between the two.

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Centralized enterprise data management

Cloud-based data storage and consolidated management of all your enterprise data is just one benefit of low-code platforms’ core philosophies. With an array of prebuilt data types, single-click imports from popular 3rd party databases, and advanced visualization capabilities, Zoho Creator acts as a dependable online database to structure, modify, and store your enterprise data. Built-in automations and stakeholder portals also help streamline management information flows.

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Lean IT infrastructure and security

In addition to the benefits offered by its cloud-based architecture, Creator also provides flexible hosting options with its on-premise version. Your enterprise data is secure in Zoho’s fully-owned, geographically distributed datacenters. Encrypted with strong ciphers and protocols, your data is protected across rest and transit, and during backups. Granular access controls for permission settings and SSO options make access both secure and intuitive.

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The Zoho edge

Creator is part of Zoho One, our suite of 50+ business applications catering to different functional areas. In  + years leading the SaaS market, Zoho has become a mainstay to digital transformation for over  + million users globally. This is a testament to Zoho’s product leadership and unwavering focus on serving its customers. Zoho One customers love the greater degree of interoperability that comes with supplementing their integrated suite of apps with a powerful low-code platform like Creator.

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What is a custom ERP?

What’s low-code application development?

Low-code is an application development approach which involves visual user interfaces and ready-to-use code snippets, rather than just the traditional hand-coded method. A low-code platform is one which allows users to build applications with little or no coding. It empowers users to create business applications quicker and with less effort.

Low-code development platforms are emerging as a key strategy to accelerate app delivery to support digital business transformation. And they have the potential to make software development as much as 10 times faster than traditional methods.



Reimaging enterprise architecture in the low-code era

Explore how a top-ranked private university stepped up their game by overhauling their archaic enterprise architecture and replacing it with an automation-led, highly digitized one leveraging Zoho Creator’s low-code platform.

Right now, we’re using six apps—six critical apps. So we can say that Zoho Creator runs our critical business processes.

Executive Secretary, SRM University

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an enterprise architect?

Enterprise architects are central to conceptualizing and putting in place a standardized set of processes that help align a businesses’ IT infrastructure with their IT operations and strategic business goals. Enterprise architecture, therefore, acts as a blueprint that delineates the choice of technologies, their interplay, and their relation with the overall business and IT strategy for your business.

What is the role of an enterprise architect in digital transformation?

An enterprise architect’s role is integral to digital transformation and IT modernization. They play a key hand in identifying technologies (IT infrastructure), determining how they function in conjunction (IT operations), and their eventual translation to business value. Enterprise architects are critical for streamlining and digitizing business operations.

How do low-code platforms supplement traditional IT development?

Low-code application development platforms (LCAPs) are built with features that help expedite the software development process from beginning to end. From the initial infrastructure setup to the final deployment of applications, these platforms abstract many of the complexities involved in the process, making it faster and simpler.

How scalable are applications built on low-code platforms?

That actually depends on the platform you're evaluating. If you take Zoho Creator's example, the back-end infrastructure scales hand-in-hand with business demand. Currently 10,000+ customers across 170+ countries are using more than 3 million Zoho Creator applications—a testament to the wide-ranging applicability of the platform and its ease of use.