Create Online Database

Zoho Creator database software is certainly the easiest place to create online database applications. With Zoho Creator database software's user friendly drag-and-drop tools, you can build online databases like a pro without coding knowledge and deploy them to your end-users immediately. You don't need any software to install or servers to buy and maintain. Zoho Creator database software users to create custom online databases and deliver it quickly, as many of the hassles like setting up hosting, servers, databases, user interaction process and frameworks are prepackaged.

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How to create Online Database?

  • Install read-to-use database apps: Zoho Creator database software provides the largest repository of online databases for your day-to-day business needs. Application categories vary from IT Management, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Education, Non-Profits etc. You can view demo of the application and install it to your account with just the click of a mouse.
  • Create online database by importing XLS file: You can import your excel data in two ways a) Copy/paste data from the XLS file b) Import XLS file. Comma separated values (.csv) or Tab separated values (.tsv) stored in other file formats can also be used to create online database. All the databases will be created with data.
  • Build web database by importing MS Access database: Zoho Creator eliminates the pain of moving your MS Access database onto the web without porting through Microsoft SharePoint, MySQL or PostgreSQL. You can import your MS Access database file (.mdb) into Zoho Creator and the Zoho Creator online database can be shared easily with others because they live on the Web. Download this exe and upload your .mdb file.
  • Create online database from scratch: Because your company works like no other, Zoho Creator database software offers easy-to-use tools to build your own custom online database apps that will work the way you want to. Drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy to add fields to your form. Zoho Creator also offers first-of-its-kind drag and drop interface to add business logic, custom actions and validations.

Zoho Creator makes it easy to build online databases

Zoho Creator database software is radically changing the way the users think about online databases and business application development. Zoho Creator database software offers an extremely powerful, scalable, and secure platform to develop and instantaneously deploy applications without any infrastructure. With Zoho Creator database software, you never need to think about hardware again. Zoho Creator database software provides easy-to-use tools that lets you concentrate on building online database applications, rather than infrastructure.You can creaye online database with clicks and then instantly deploy them to your users.

  • Drag-and-drop form builder: Zoho Creator database software sports easy and intuitive interface to create online databases on your own quickly. Just drag and drop fields/datatypes to create forms/tables. You can also add business rules through drag and drop.
  • Drag-and-drop Script Builder: The Deluge Script Builder provides a drag-and-drop user interface to add form/field action scripts, create views with complex criteria/filters and define functions that can be reused from elsewhere in scripting. It enables you to transfer complex application logic into deluge code, without the need to learn or remember the Deluge syntax and functions. It helps in creating Deluge action scripts quickly, without any errors.
  • Free-flow scripting: If you are well-versed with Deluge Scripting or if you have the script code ready, you can switch on to Free-flow scripting mode to create your script without the use of the drag-and-drop editor. Refer FAQ - Deluge Scripting , for more information on defining forms and fields in Deluge.
  • Reporting: Zoho Creator database software supports creation of powerful reports to visualize your data in multiple formats that cater to specific business needs. The Report Builder provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to drilldown the existing views in your Zoho Creator application and visualize them as Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. You can create multiple reports based on a single view.
  • Collaboration: An application created in Zoho Creator can either be public or private. All forms and views in a public application is accessible by public visitors. A private application can be accessed only if the owner of the application shares it with specific users, from the Share tab. By default, an application created in Zoho Creator is private.


3 different ways to create database applications

Build database, the easy and simple way. You can either create database application afresh or import data from standard formats (.xls .csv .mdb). Zoho Creator provides three different ways to create web database.

Zoho Creator is so powerful that you can build database with very little effort. Even business users with no programming skills or experience can easily create database online.

Create Database from Scratch

Zoho Creator lets you create database from scratch by adding forms/tables. You will have complete control over the database structure - number of forms/tables, relationship between them and the fields/datatypes to be used for capturing data from your users. You can create UNLIMITED forms/tables and define actions/triggers easily, all using Zoho Creator's intuitive drag and drop interface.

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Import Data from your Spreadsheet (.xls .csv .tsv)

Has your spreadsheet grown very big into multiple tables with a tangle of forms and formulas, making it tough to manage your day to day business activities? Zoho Creator can make things easy for you. Import your spreadsheet to get your own database application up and running in minutes. You can refine the database over the web as you work and collaborate with your team. Build web database easily, by importing your data.

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Import your MS Access Database (.mdb)

Just download our simple plugin and upload your Microsoft Access database (.mdb file). Once it's migrated, you can collaborate with your colleagues easily. You can also build new databases for your various business needs.

Zoho Creator eliminates the pain of moving your MS Access database onto the web without porting through Microsoft SharePoint, MySQL or PostgreSQL. Get your web database in minutes.

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