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Get started in 3 ways.

Zoho Creator provides three different ways to create databases. Create a database application afresh or import data from standard formats (.xls .csv .mdb).

Create Database from Scratch.

Build databases by creating your forms (tables). It's a matter of dragging and dropping fields. You will have control over your database structure, forms, and the relationship between the forms.

Import Data from your Spreadsheet (.xls .csv .tsv).

Zoho Creator can make your tables and tangle of formulae easy for you. Import your spreadsheet and get your database in minutes. You can refine your database on the web anytime you need to. Learn more

Migrate your MS Access Database (.mdb).

We offer a free migration of your MS Access database onto the web, without having to port through Microsoft SharePoint, MySQL or PostgreSQL. Get your web database in minutes. Learn more

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Design Forms
Business Logic
Analytics and Reporting

Drag-Drop Interface

Zoho Creator's easy and intuitive interface lets you create your own databases quickly. Just drag and drop fields (data types) to create forms (tables). You can also add business rules through the drag-and-drop functionality.

Supported Fields/Data Types

Zoho Creator supports 25 field types like Single line, Multi line, Check boxes, Radio buttons, and more. You can also add images, notes, and upload files to your form or table.

Form Properties

Customize form properties like the "Thank you" message you want to show users after they submit data. For example, you could include a note saying "Thanks for filling in the data" or "Data Added Successfully." You can also customize the width of all the fields. Zoho Creator also lets you prevent spam or automated entries by setting a CAPTCHA verification code.


Form or table level - Trigger actions when your form loads, validates the entered data, or is submitted.

Field or data type level - Trigger actions whenever a field value is changed in the form.


Scheduler lets you execute tasks periodically based on your form's date and time. You can:

  • Send automated emails.
  • Email data as attachments.
  • Schedule web API tasks such as "geturl" and "posturl."
  • Auto- schedule date fields like birth date, appointments, project deadlines, etc. in your form.

Custom Actions

Custom actions are performed on selected records in the data view. You can define a function and configure it as your custom action. For example, you can define your custom action to "Send Email Notification," so that just by selecting records and clicking on custom action, emails are triggered automatically.

Custom Validations

Validation is a script that verifies if a user's data matches the conditions you set in your form. Validation runs on the server while the user submits data. Types of validations: On Add, On Edit, On Delete.

Visualize your data.

Zoho Creator offers six different ways to see the collected information.

  • List view, Summary view, Spreadsheet view, and Calendar view.
  • Charts view - view data in column, bar, line, step, and pie charts.
  • HTML - create dashboard pages, customized bills and more.

Search, sort, filter, group, and set criteria.

Get simple and powerful data mining tools like Search, Sort, and Filter. Zoho Creator supports data grouping based on specific columns. Records with the same value for the selected column(s) will be grouped together. You can also create criteria-based views such as Status > Equals > Open will show only the records that match this criteria.

Create custom pages.

Create custom views by combining HTML code and Deluge, our built-in scripting language. You can create static HTML pages to deliver dynamic content from your database. Create dashboard pages, custom bills, invoices and more.


You can modify the entire Zoho Creator database to suit your brand. Change the color scheme, customize the layout, and add your own logo.


Zoho Creator offers a choice of six themes for you to choose from. In addition, you can also choose icons from our gallery to distinguish your forms and reports.

Private access

Make your databases "Private" and share them it with your team and friends via email. Zoho Creator provides three levels of sharing:

  • Application Level - Access to all forms and views.
  • Page/Tab Level - Access to all forms and views placed in the page or tab.
  • Form/View Level - Access to only a specific form or view.

Publish to the internet.

Make your database "Public" and open-up access to anyone on the internet to add and view data. Data will be indexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

Set Email Notification

Get email notifications when a user adds, modifies, or deletes a record. You can even receive the added or modified records directly in your mail inbox.

Export Data

You can easily export data from your database in the following formats:

  • Spreadsheet for analyzing.
  • PDF to print/email data.
  • HTML to bookmark or send links.
  • .CSV, .TSV for data mobility. v
  • JSON feed (a lightweight data-interchange format).

Mobile Access

Access all your databases and shared databases from the iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps. Zoho Creator is also mobile-optimized for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Opera, Safari, and other WAP browsers.

Active Community

Zoho Creator has a strong and active community of independent developers who can help you build your database. Check out the recent topics discussed in the Zoho Creator Forum.