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How can you leverage Zoho Creator and Zoho Sites together?

Streamline data with Zoho Creator's data collection capabilities

Transforming paper-based forms into an online database is easy with Zoho Creator. Zoho Creator is a low-code platform equipped with a drag-and-drop functionality. It allows seamless data imports from software such as MS Excel, Google Sheets, etc. Equipped with AI capabilities, Zoho Creator can identify data types, cleanse erroneous data, and more.

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Push data from Zoho Sites to Zoho Creator

A user can create and update data from Zoho Sites into Zoho Creator with Deluge. You can collect data from the website built with Zoho Sites and push it to Zoho Creator for further processing and reporting using Functions.

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Dynamic websites with Zoho Sites

Dynamic websites have content that isn't fixed or static, but can change based on user action. With the Deluge runtime environment, you can fetch data from Zoho Creator and display them on your website, built with Zoho Sites.

Zoho Sites uses Functions to fetch data, display updated data, etc. Site's drag-and-drop builder allows UI customization or you can choose from multiple templates to build a website from the data fetched. With Zoho Sites, you can also add sections to categorize content within a web page from readily available section templates. Usually adding new content requires a rework of the website's aesthetics, but with Zoho Sites, adding to or updating the content is enough to transform a particular section.

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SAML functionality

You can configure SAML for the online portal under Zoho Sites and embed Zoho Creator forms and reports within web pages.

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a framework which helps to achieve single sign-on (SSO) in a secure and easy manner. SSO is a centralized login system which can authenticate the customer with a single set of login credentials across multiple applications. In Zoho Creator, a customer portal administrator can simplify password management for customers using SAML.

Online self-service portals with custom domains

With Zoho Creator, you can build custom applications with rebranded portals to accommodate your unique business needs.

Adding a customer portal to your application provides a single point of access to your company's products, services, and information. You can then control access to this information with permissions and roles.

With Zoho Creator's customer portal feature, you can build:

  • Self-service portals for customers
  • Portals for vendors
  • Order and project handling portals
  • Student management portals
  • HR portals

With Zoho Sites you can provide a website with custom domain mapping for your organization's customers and vendors.

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No external connectors

Syncing Zoho Sites with Zoho Creator is easily done with API calls or COQL.

Here are a few examples of how you can leverage Zoho Creator and Zoho Sites:

  • Schedule an event on Zoho Creator and automatically publish the details on Zoho Sites.
  • Add team member details to a website built on Zoho Sites by pushing the data from Zoho Creator.
  • Revamp your website content easily by updating multiple images and the content at once.

What our customers are saying

"If you want to be agile, have a non-complex solution, and go live quickly without having integration and implementation difficulties, then Zoho Creator is the perfect solution."

Laila Kakar,

Laila Kakar, Lead Data Scientist, MTN

"We use Zoho Creator to rapidly whip up apps. When a requirement came up, I didn't hesitate too long in reaching into my back pocket for Zoho Creator to work out whether it could fill the need. And it did, by a country mile! I really think of Creator as my Swiss Army Knife that has gotten me out of critical deadlines and requirements over the past six years."

Neil Hobbs,

Neil Hobbs,IT Director, Bourne Leisure

"We're pleased with the solutions we've built with Zoho Creator. I think it's an exciting thing; we know there's a lot further we can go with Creator. The farther we go, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more we can apply that knowledge of those principles and formulas to something else in the business. You never think, 'Well, I've reached the limit of the application with Creator."

Robert Oldershaw,

Robert Oldershaw Director, Oldershaw

Frequently Asked Questions

Are prebuilt integrations with Zoho Sites available across all plans of Zoho Creator?

Yes, Creator comes with prebuilt integrations with Zoho Sites for subscribers across all of Creator's paid and free plans.

How do I configure Creator's integration in Zoho Sites?

You can create, update, and fetch records in Zoho Creator by using integration tasks within Zoho Sites. Learn more here.

Are Zoho Creator's custom applications only for enterprises?

No, any business with a need to manage its operations, customers, and sales processes, and deliver exemplary customer service can use Zoho Creator.

What are Zoho Creator portals?

Portals are dedicated gateways for your customers to interact with line-of-business applications and data. Users will be able to sign up through the online portal instead of signing up with a Zoho account.

Can Zoho Creator help build an app for my business?

Yes—just share your requirements with us, and we'll set up a demo of Zoho Creator for you. Request a demo.

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