What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that lets you build powerful manufacturing ERP applications for your business operations. Business and IT teams can work together to quickly develop and deploy custom applications with our simple drag-and-drop interface.

With our rich ecosystem of features like schema builder, automated workflows, predictive analysis, and prebuilt integrations you can oversee every stage of your production life cycle with ease.

        What is Zoho Creator?

Features of our manufacturing ERP software


Rapid development

Build and deliver apps faster.

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Legacy modernization

Easily migrate from and integrate with legacy systems.

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Data security

End-to-end encryption with cloud-based backup

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High availability

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

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Revolutionize your business with Zoho Creator's manufacturing management software



with ERPs, payment gateways, third-party vendors, and authentication services.



and access all your information on a centralised application.



processes to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity.



order fulfilment with inventory visibility and traceability.

  • Material procurement

    Design and automate complex workflows, like approval procedures and process routing, to manage POs, PRs, and invoices.

    Material procurement
  • Inventory monitoring 

    Manage the availability of raw materials, work in progress, and finished and MRO goods on a single, searchable cloud-based interface.

    Manually tracking inventory is the way of the past.
  • Invoice processing

    Generate accurate bill of material (BOM) reports, and scan invoices using OCR to streamline purchasing policies.

    Invoice processing
  • Distribution management

    Use barcode scanning, map-based API functionality, and automated SMS/email notifications to track your outgoing shipments, every step of the way.

    Distribution management
  • Quality assurance

    Enable your QA team to relay details about product quality in real time, along with photographs, and reduce maintenance costs with predictive analysis.

    Quality assurance
  • Customer experience

    Empower your customers and suppliers with a dedicated self-service portal for timely tracking of quotes, orders, and consigned inventory.

    Customer experience
  • Material procurement
  • Great suppliers make great logistics.
  • Invoice processing
  • Distribution management
  • Quality assurance
  • Customer experience

Customer Success Stories

Digital transformation tale of a bike manufacturing company


Increased in overall productivity


Work hours saved


margin of error due to automation

The one word I use to describe our Zoho Creator experience is "empowering". I now feel like we have the tools to address any problem we come up against. Our only limit is our imagination.

Ryan Moskal, Operations Manager

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Textile manufacturer that accelerated production by 300%


Hours saved per month


faster at generating quotes


Increase in volume of orders

It has reduced our stress and allowed us time to develop more business. It's not only consistent, but also manageable, from anywhere, at any time."

Richard Davis, President, Tek Textil

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    A manufacturer’s guide to low-code

    Learn how low-code features and functionalities can help manufacturers tackle their most common challenges.

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    Reshaping manufacturing with low-code platforms

    A panel discussion featuring our top customers Ozelia and Saint Gobain on how manufacturing industry can benefit from low-code solutions.

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Digitize your business from the ground up with Zoho Creator's Manufacturing ERP Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is manufacturing ERP system?

A manufacturing ERP system is a set of tools that is needed to successfully run a manufacturing business. Ideally, an ERP software consists of accounting, logistics, order processing, reporting, payroll, and customer portals/modules. But, a manufacturing ERP software will consist of inventory control, order management, production control, and other such modules specific to your manufacturing business needs.

How does custom ERP solutions help manufacturers?

Besides increasing efficiency and boosting productivity throughout the production lifecycle, custom ERP solutions give manufacturers the choice to add, remove, and modify modules as and when the business demands, without having to change the existing structure.

Why should I choose Zoho Creator over ERPs and off-the-shelf software?

While ERPs are complex in nature, expensive and difficult to maintain, off-the-shelf software may not be scalable, and have fewer customization options. Zoho Creator's low-code app development platform lets you build business applications ranging from simple data collection forms to complex ERPs tailored to your business needs at a much flexible pricing. Read our blog to learn more.

Can I migrate old data from a desktop-based app to Zoho Creator ?

Yes. If you can extract the data from the existing application in Excel, CSV, XML, or JSON format, we can migrate the data to Zoho Creator.

How do I get started with Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator has a 15-day trial period where you get to access all the premium features. You can get started with Creator by signing up here, or by visiting the sign up page.