Customisable order management software to streamline your inventory system

Simplify your inbound and outbound supply chain operations with a holistic ERP solution. This order management software features advanced workflow automation, cross-channel integrations, and end-to-end order fulfilment, helping you save time and boost overall productivity across your value chain.

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Comprehensive custom order management system to optimize order handling and inventory control

Be in the know

The dashboard displays mission-critical information: order statuses, expenses, inventory, and periodic sales. The data comes from comprehensive reports—you can choose from up to 20 different chart styles, and view exhaustive drill-downs with a single click.

Optimize cross-channel sales

Use a centralized hub to monitor and regulate your sales channels. Integrate with a host of third-party ecommerce sites that synchronize with your inventory and automatically update information based on orders fulfilled. Take advantage of order consolidation features that combine multiple orders into a single receipt, minimizing clutter.

Stay stocked

Delegate inventory management to software and prevent stockouts. Set up triggers for reordering emails to send to suppliers as soon as stocks reach critical levels. Push notifications can also be configured to provide you with real-time updates about purchases, deliveries, or cancellations.

Simplify bookkeeping

Generate invoices for every transaction with customers and suppliers, and send them through email with a single click. We also support integration with popular accounting applications, like QuickBooks, Zoho Books, and Xero.

Step up your CRM

Use order history statements and delivery fulfillment stats to analyze customer behavior and better respond to their needs. Configure emails to automatically send to your customers after each order, delivery, receipt, or refund process.

Accelerate purchasing

Organizing purchases has never been simpler. Configure preset orders based on consumption history and throughput reports. Add product details to order forms by simply scanning existing labels, using our mobile-only barcode- and QR-scanning features.

It's not just an app—it's a platform



Our order management software is fully customizable, right out of the box. The drag-and-drop form builder, with our guided scripting feature, allows you to add new functionality to your apps quickly. You can add modules to suit business requirements and implement changes driven by user feedback.


Go mobile

To accompany every app you build on your computer, there's a fully optimized native one waiting for you on your smartphone. Enjoy all of your order management app's features from any location, on any device. You get limitless business functionality at your fingertips, all on the go.



Zoho Creator offers a wide range of prebuilt integrations, such as Google Workspace, Zapier, and Salesforce, making it easy for you to integrate your order management app with them. You can also integrate with online payment systems like PayPal, or inventory management software like SalesBinder, using APIs.

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