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List Functions

contains()Returns :boolean
returns 'true' if the element is present in the list
get()Returns: element
returns the element at the specified postion (first element will be at index '0')
add()Adds a specified element to the given list
indexOf()Returns :numeric
returns the position of the given element in list (first element's position is '0')
lastIndexOf()Returns the position of the last occurence of the element in the list.
remove()remove and return the element at the specified index (first element's index is '0')
sort()Returns: list
returns the list in the sorted order. The optional boolean specifies ascending(true)/descending(false)
size()Returns the number of elements in the list.
distinct()Returns a list with distinct elements.
intersect()Returns a list with common elements between two given lists.
isempty()Returns :boolean
returns 'true' if the list is empty (else 'false')
sublist()Returns: list
returns the sublist of the given list starting from the given start index to the specied end index (to the end of the list, if endIndex not given)
toList()Returns: list
converts the string to list using the given separator(default separator is ',' (comma))
{}Returns: list
Create a list with the given elements. Creates empty list if no element is given.
List()Returns: list
Create an empty list.
List:String()Returns: list
Create an empty string list. This list can hold only string elements
List:Int()Returns: list
Create an empty integer list.This list can hold only integer elements.
List:Date()Returns: list
Create an empty date list.This list can hold only date/datetime elements.
List:Bool()Returns: list
Create an empty boolean list.This list can hold only boolean values.
List:Float()Returns: list
Create an empty decimal list.This list can hold only decimal numbers.

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