The notContains() function takes inputValue and searchValue as arguments. It returns true if the inputValue does not contain the searchValuet. Otherwise, it returns false.

Note: This function performs a case-sensitive search.

Return Type

  • Boolean


<variable> = <inputValue>.notcontains( <searchValue> );


<variable> = notContains(<inputValue>, <searchValue> );
ParameterData typeDescription
<variable>BOOLEANVariable which will contain the boolean value, true or false
<inputValue>TEXT/ LIST/ MAP/ COLLECTIONThe value which may contain the searchValue.
<searchValue>Any datatypeThe value to be searched for, in the input value.


 /*The notContains() function on TEXT input value*/
 products="Zoho Creator";
 boolVal=products.notContains("Creator");// returns false
 /*The notContains() function performs a case-sensitive search*/
 products = "Zoho Creator";
 boolVal = products.notContains("CREATOR");// returns true
 /*The notContains() function on LIST*/
 products =List();
 boolVal = products.notContains("Books");// returns true
 /*The notContains() function on MAP input value*/
 product_details = Map();
 boolVal = product_details.notContains("price");// returns true
 /*The notContains() function on index-value Collection*/
 products = Collection();
 products.insert("CRM"); boolVal = products.notContains("Cliq");// returns true
 /*The notContains() function on key-value collection*/
 product_details = Collection();
 boolVal = product_details.notContains("subscription");// returns false

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