The toList function takes source text and a separator as arguments. The source text is tokenised using the separator. All tokens are then converted into a list.


  • Text values punctuated by the separator will be the list's elements.
  • If a separator is not provided or if the provided separator does not appear in the source text, the entire source text is returned as a single element of a list.
  • If separators appear consecutively in the source text, all empty occurrences will be empty elements of the list.

Return Type

  • LIST




ParameterData typeDescription
<variable>LISTVariable which will contain the returned List.
<source_text>TEXTThe piece of text with separators that needs to converted to a list.
<separator>TEXTThe separator literal which would punctuate the different elements in the source text.


 products = "ZohoCreator/ZohoCRM";
 productList = products.toList("/");
 info productList;// Returns ZohoCreator,ZohoCRM

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