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The get() function takes listVariable and indexValue as arguments. It returns the element present in the specified index in the list.

Note: Index starts from 0.

Return Type

  • The return type will depend on the data type of the returned element.


<variable> = <listVariable>.get( <indexValue> );
ParameterDescriptionData type
<variable>Variable which will contain the returned element.AS APPLICABLE
<listVariable>The list variable from which the element in the specified indexValue will be returned.LIST

The index of the element which will be returned.

Value should not be a negative number. If a negative number is specified, a runtime error will be encountered.

Value should not exceed the list size. Ideally, this limit will be list size minus 1, since index starts from 0.



listVar = {"Creator", "CRM", {"Projects", "Reports"}};
elementValue = listVar.get(2);                            //returns {"Projects", "Reports"}

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