Adding apps to environment

Adding apps to Environments

The applications are not added to Environments by default. The applications that need to be added to environments must be added manually. You can enable environments for an app during its creation or after its creation.

During Creation of Application

  1. While creating an app, check the Enable environment option.

  2. After creating the app, Navigate to the Environments under Deploy section.

  3. The app for which Enable environments was selected will be listed under the Applications column.

  4. Click on More button adjacent to the application. Then choose Edit option in the list.

  5. If any changes are made to the applications, the Status will be changed to Changes available.
  6. You can now publish the app to stage. Learn more.
  • The Changes Available status will be displayed when you either make the changes through Edit in Applications column of Environments page or through Edit in the Solutions page.
  • The other statuses that can be displayed are : In progress, Development not created, App is ready for development.

After Creation of Application

When apps are created without checking the Enable environment option, they will be created directly in the Production environment with version 1.0.

To add such apps to Environments:

  1. Click on the Add applications button.

  2. In the popup, choose the required apps for which the environment is to be enabled.

  3. Then click Enable.
  4. The app will be listed with the Development not created status. This is because these apps are already present in the Production environment, bypassing the other environments.

Note: Environments cannot be enabled for apps listed in the marketplace (except those published by Zoho), apps published from developer zone, or apps that have a dependency on other apps (for example, Lookup).

To create a development environment:

  1. Click on the More button next to the app and choose Create & Edit option.

  2. The development environment creation will be initiated and the status will be Development creation in progress.

  3. Once complete the status will be changed as App is ready for development
  4. Now clicking the Edit button will take you to the development environment. If any changes are made to the app now then the status will become Changes available

Points to remember

  • At any point in time only three apps can have In progress as their status.
  • Once the dev environment has been created, the status changes to App is ready for development. The Edit option is enabled only after the status changes.
  • After the app is ready for development status, if a user makes changes to the app, the status will become Changes Available. An app can only be published to Stage when the status is Changes Available.
  • Similarly, after the app is ready for development status, if a user does not make any changes to the app, the status will become No Changes Available.
  • If there is an issue while creating a development environment, the status will become Error while creating environment.

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