Your account's base URL

Know your Creator account's base URL

Data privacy and protection laws today require that collected data must be stored in data centers that are physically located in the respective country or region. To facilitate compliance, Zoho has set up multiple data centers across different regions. Each data center only holds the data of those users that signed-up to it.

The base URL of your Creator account, and therefore the base URL of the apps in your account, is the part of the URL that remains constant while you and your users navigate between apps and their components (forms, reports, and pages).

Your Creator account's base URL depends on the data center it's associated with. You'll need it to use REST APIs, XML RPC APIs, and functionality based URLs.

Data center
Top-level domain
Base URL
for APIs
Base URL
for functionality-based URLs
Base URL
for public components
Account URLs
United States (US)
Europe (EU)
India (IN)
China (CN)
Australia (AU)
Japan (JP)

To find the data center to which your account's associated:

  1. Note the top-level domain (TLD) part of your account or app's URL.
  2. Refer to the above table for your DC and base URLs. For example, when the TLD is .com, then that account belongs to Zoho's US data center, and its base URL for making API calls is

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