• Features
  • Filemaker
  • Pricing
  • Free plan YES NO
  • Minimum subscription cost $10.00 /user/month $329
  • Application Development
  • Cloud-based platform YES NO
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder YES NO
  • Script Editor YES YES
  • Marketplace YES YES
  • Sample Applications YES YES
  • Mobile Access
  • iPhone and iPad native app YES YES
  • Android native app YES NO
  • Mobile browser YES YES
  • Support
  • Free Live Demo YES YES
  • Knowledge base and Community YES YES
  • Email YES YES
  • Phone YES YES
  • Live Chat YES YES
  • Support Hours 24x5 Mon - Fri 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific time

Price Comparison

Standard Professional Enterprise
Zoho Creator


  • What is the cost for migrating your data to Zoho Creator?

    There is no cost for migrating your data. The migration from FileMaker to Zoho Creator is absolutely free for you.

  • How can you migrate your data from FileMaker?

    You can either use our migration tool or send us your file to migrate the data from FileMaker to Zoho Creator.

  • What type of files can be imported to Zoho Creator?

    You can import .xls, .xlsx, .csv, and .tsv files directly into Zoho Creator. Also, you can import your database(.mdb) files using our migration tool.

  • Will the entire application be migrated to Zoho Creator?

    Only the data will be imported to Zoho Creator. However our migration expert will assist you in setting up your application.

The advantage of Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator integrates with a broad suite of Zoho applications and other external third-party applications which includes Salesforce, QuickBooks, GApps, Zapier, etc., allowing you to communicate with data in different systems.

So why wait, take your business to one of the most powerful cloud platform and gain more values over FileMaker. Our technical assistance team is available 24x5 to ensure that your journey with Zoho Creator is a smooth sail. Please get in touch with us and get started right away.

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