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A must-have digital platform for streamlining business IT, end-to-end

Enterprise data management

Track, store, modify, manage, and make critical business data available with self-service capabilities.

Serverless architecture

Get rid of software servers, hardware procurement, and maintenance woes with our BaaS model.

Rapid application development

Fast-track and democratize your entire software development lifecycle with minimal to no coding.

Advanced process automation

Configure and deploy intelligent process automations with our digital platform's visual workflow designer.

One platform. Limitless possibilities.

Accelerate digital transformation

Accelerate digital transformation by 10x

Increase IT-line

Increase IT-line of business cohesiveness

Make automation

Make automation central to digitization

Reduce capital

Reduce capital and operational investments

Democratize digitization

Democratize digitization judiciously

A digital platform that exceeds expectations, at every step

Enterprise data management

Enterprise data management

  • - Easily import from databases
  • - Implement AI-based data recognition fields
  • - Standardize & modify data
  • - Visualize data on the fly
  • - Revitalize information systems
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serverless application

Serverless applications

  • - Backend as a service assurance
  • - Scale with your business needs on the cloud
  • - Multiple/hybrid hosting options
  • - Uninterrupted availability, 99.9% uptime
  • - Significant cost savings
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Low-code development

Low-code development

  • - Drag-and-drop app builder
  • - Custom hand-coding provisions
  • - Native mobile application development
  • - Visualize data on the fly
  • - Base frameworks with model app gallery
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Business process management

Business process management

  • - Visual workflow designer
  • - Advanced workflow automation
  • - Collaborative project management
  • - Intuitive case management
  • - Unravel opportunities with hand-coding
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Secure your digital transformation

Secure your digital transformation

  • - SOC II and ISO 27001-compliant
  • - Manage users, profiles, and permissions
  • - Advanced admin privileges and usage stats
  • - Domain-based access restrictions
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Integrate everything

With over 400 out-of-the box third-party app integrations, Creator's digital platform's easily configurable APIs help you analyze, monitor, and manage information stored across all your business apps from a single, consolidated instance.

Integrate everything

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Swift, secure migration from legacy systems

Looking to migrate from or replatform your legacy applications? With built-in accelerators, legacy modernization and consolidation on a unified digital platform is hassle-free on Creator.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a digital platform?

A digital platform provides a conducive environment for businesses to scale up their software development, automation, and enterprise architecture modernization efforts, from a single unified interface.

How do I choose the right digital platform?

A digital platform must be robust in its capabilities, with ease of integration, security, and decentralization of digitization efforts at its core. This is a necessity for businesses looking to cut costs and consolidate all development activities in one computing platform. Digital platforms, with low-code abstractions at their core, ensure your line-of-business users take an active part in digital transformation

What are the benefits of a digital platform?

Digital platforms ease development, reduce capital and maintenance costs (with a BaaS model), assure heightened interoperability (vis-a-vis best-of-breed architecture) and help accelerate digital transformation with AI and built-in accelerators.

How do digital platforms differ from digital media?

While digital platforms provide an environment for facilitating enterprise-wide digitization, digital media includes any media principled upon digital technologies. Examples of digital media therefore could be varied, ranging from websites, web applications, and social networks on one hand, to software, online databases, and digital platforms on the other.