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What is BPM?

Across industry verticals and departments, teams follow processes to function efficiently. Theoretically, business process management (BPM) provides teams with a framework to map their internal business processes, based on organizational guidelines and KPIs. In turn, this helps stakeholders communicate procedures in a standard manner. Business process management software helps simplify the job of designing, executing, monitoring, and optimizing business processes.

What is BPM?

Decode the power of a low-code BPM solution

Learn how BPM

Learn how BPM, low-code, and AI are enabling business transformation

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Low-code (vs) BPM

Low-code (vs) BPM: Are they comparable?

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What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying

“It's reduced our stress and allowed us time to develop more business, with less time managing it.”

Richard DavisPresident, Tek Textil

What our customers are saying

“The features and scope of OlivERP cannot be replicated with any commercial ERP available, without spending millions of USD. This was only possible with Zoho Creator. Thank you for creating Zoho Creator! ”

Mehmet OzkanFounder, Ozelia

What our customers are saying

“With Zoho Creator, I feel like we have the tools to address any problem we come up against.”

Ryan Moskal Operations Manager, Mission Bicycle

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The power of automation in business process management

Businesses rely on multiple departments that lead specific functions, like finance, human resources, production, sales & marketing, admin, and more. As they scale up, it’s essential to automate certain repetitive tasks, to reduce workload on employees and avoid manual intervention/errors. In order to align with organizational goals and improve reliability, it’s important to implement tools and software that support this need.

power of automation

Curious how various industries are benefiting from custom BPM software?

Check out Creator Deep Dive, a webinar series where our experts discuss the importance of custom business process management software, and how low-code empowers users to build apps specific to their business needs, with a guided demo.

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 Creator Deep Dive

Don't let traditional business process software limit your performance

Build applications to optimize all business processes, from the simplest to the most complex, with Zoho Creator’s intuitive interface. Optimized processes can lead to:

  • Low operational cost

  • High ROI

  • Focused employees

  • Happy customers

There are many BPM solutions available. Why should I choose Zoho Creator’s BPM tool?

As a business owner, you know how tricky it can be to invest in your revenue without breaking the bank. You need the right tools to manage your everyday processes. An enter-pricey business process management solution may be too complex for you, but Zoho Creator's business process management software can simplify the effort:

  • Create applications on your own

  • Scale as your business grows

  • Integrate with other platforms

  • Pricing to fit even a small business budget

Exceed expectations, not resources, with our business process management software

If you need assistance along the way, we're happy to help out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is business process management software used for?

Every business has unique processes and operating procedures across departments. A company needs software to manage them efficiently, automate repeat tasks, build reports, and track data. Check out our ready-to-use apps for your needs.

What are the standard features to look for in bpm software?

For effectively managing operations, your team needs business process management software that has the following (basic) functionalities:

  • Capability to model, map processes, and build apps

  • Update and visualize data with dashboards/reports

  • Support scaling of apps and integrate with third-party software platforms

Learn more about Zoho Creator's features!

Does Zoho Creator integrate with other software?

Yes, we offer 600+ prebuilt integrations to get all of your departments talking to each other. Users can connect to third-party applications with API integration. You can also make related applications work together, since every application that you build on Zoho Creator is automatically linked with other applications on that platform.

Can we scale apps built on Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator applications are built to auto-scale—the backend infrastructure seamlessly scales as business demand grows. Currently, 14,000+ brands across 170+ countries are using over 6M applications built using Zoho Creator, a testimony to the platform's reliability and power.