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  • Digital Transformation Star in Retail

    Digital Transformation Star in Retail

    Tat Chuan Acoustic (TC) was established in 1966 and are a major audio distributor in South East Asia and Hong Kong. The company carries globally award-winning and category-leading brands, such as Sonos, Klipsch, and Marshall.

    Previously, their business processes were conducted manually and involved a lot of paperwork. However, they needed a unique and fully-customizable app to simplify their business operations.

    Using Zoho Creator, they've built apps for retail store management, promoter management, demo requests, and customer service concierge. Automating processes with Zoho Creator has significantly reduced labor hours and paperwork, and provides accurate inventory management and seamless customer experience.

    "Having Zoho Creator helps us build applications for our business needs—and low-code/no-code helps us build without having much coding experience."
    - Cheryl Lim, IT and Online Operations Manager, Tat Chuan Acoustic
  • ERP Tech Star in Manufacturing

    ERP Tech Star in Manufacturing

    Ralpro is an aluminium extrusion company that manufactures aluminium profiles for various industries. They deliver around 440 tonnes every month, and each order they get is unique.

    Initially, they used Excel and hard copies to manage various business processes, from order management to billing. This resulted in a lack of visibility to management, errors due to a lack of availability of data to employees, and low productivity. Off-the-shelf software wasn't available for the industry and custom solutions were difficult to build and expensive to implement and manage.

    But with Zoho Creator, they could build their own system from scratch. Their custom ERP solution is simple, easy to access, and automates most of their business processes. The app covers order management, the tool room (die shop), production planning, production, quality control, packing, dispatch, and billing processes.

    Since moving to Creator, they've seen a 500% increase in productivity, with a 1.3X increase in turnover.

    "We became the first extrusion plant in India to have a customer-centric portal. Our customers now have real-time updates on order status, production, and packed and delivered quantities. They can also view and print packing lists and invoices."
    - Sree Hari Phani Varma, Director, Ralpro
  • Tech Star in Healthcare

    Tech Star in Healthcare

    Care Changes is a free referral service helping families find assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, respite care, and retirement communities across the US. Before Zoho Creator, they used a custom CRM with many operational limitations that prevented the company from working remotely and growing.

    Zoho Creator helps Care Changes with internal process automation, lead management, task management, customer service, invoice management, and more.

    With Zoho Creator's custom apps, their productivity has increased by 4X and processes and best practices have evolved into a system that is easy to operate. For seven years, their data management and activity history have been handled with Zoho Creator. They continue to constantly make improvements that benefit all parts of their operations, from integrated emails to texts and attachments. The custom apps also have APIs set up for many clients through Zoho Creator.

    "We went from making $100K SGD a year to $3.2 million this year—all through the Zoho Creator system."
    - Danny Leonhardt, President, Care Changes
  • Tech Star in Factory Management

    Tech Star in Factory Management

    BD Straws Company is one of Thailand's leading plastic straw manufacturing operations. Their products include spoon-end straws, milk tubes, jumbo straws, plastic bags, hot bags, black garbage bags, handle bags, and more.

    Previously they used Excel and third-party packaging software to manage factory jobs. However, verifying the data entered and the accuracy of each daily report took a lot of work, resulting in losses to the factory.

    Zoho Creator helps them with faster decision-making, is easy to use for people with minimal literacy, and aids in real-time monitoring of factory processes, automating daily reports and more.

    "My staff saves more than 50% of working time on factory management. Moreover, data accuracy has been improved by more than 80%."
    - Danny Li, CEO, BD Straws Co
  • Tech Innovator in Healthcare

    Tech Innovator in Healthcare

    ActivArmor manufactures the only waterproof, breathable, sanitizable custom plastic casts and splints for hospitals and clinics across the US and other countries.

    Before implementing Zoho Creator, ActivArmor had a manual process with staff members entering order information from emails or web forms. This process made it difficult for management and customer service team members to track specific orders—and it was expensive and error-prone.

    With Zoho Creator, they use customized order forms to capture information for their design teams. This information is then propagated through the clinical order, design, manufacturing, shipping, and receipt process.

    "We have saved on staff time and labor costs, and increased hourly staff productivity and ease of tracking."
    - Diana Hall, CEO, ActivArmor
  • Tech Star in Education

    Tech Star in Education

    Northwestern Health Sciences University is a private university focused on alternative health care in Bloomington, Minnesota.

    While some of their academic programs used paper-based solutions to track clinical training experiences and requirements, others used off-the-shelf solutions that couldn't be customized to the program's specific needs, and were not easy to use. Many unnecessary features cluttered the user experience, and some processes had to be modified to fit how the application worked, instead of the application serving the process in place.

    They now use custom apps built on Zoho Creator for clinical training and student assessment management. The app for the course sequence assessment process has saved faculty at least an hour a week processing data into Excel dashboards that were still not directly available to students. The new app makes all of that data available to students with rich reports integrated from Zoho Analytics. They have also begun to leverage their Zoho Creator app in student recruiting, an important revenue source.

    "The most significant benefit is the ability to develop customized solutions for process automation, which combines great user experiences with a simple development platform that doesn't require an expensive development team to build and maintain. The low-code nature of Zoho Creator makes it possible for even novices to build useful apps that help automate functions, save precious time, and drive user/employee engagement."
    - Christopher Petrie, Director of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness, Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Tech Star in Agriculture

    Tech Star in Agriculture

    East-West Seed is a market leader for tropical vegetable seeds in Asia. With a custom-built app on Zoho Creator, they've achieved operational efficiency through digital transformation.

    Previously they were using Fulcrum, but were facing limitations, such as no reports/dashboards, no notifications for order status updates, no ability to customize or add new modules for future requirements, and it was complicated to integrate with other systems.

    In a significant shift, East-West Seed Tanzania has now adopted Zoho Creator within their order management process. This transition empowers them with analytics capabilities, status notifications, adaptability to integrate new modules and features for future needs, and an overall enriched user experience.

    "To drive continuous improvement and enhance user experience, evaluate processes, simplify things, and eliminate complexities within the system. This is where Zoho Creator comes into the big picture!"
    - Philius Trinidad, Group Manager for Digital Applications, East-West Seed
  • Tech Star in Food & Beverage

    Tech Star in Food & Beverage

    Advanced Tastes manages the finest collection of world-class luxury restaurant brands across the globe. Advanced Tastes Holding Company is a Riyadh-based restaurant and hospitality management company.

    The company previously managed all their operations—like maintenance, HR, payroll, IT ticketing, and finance—on spreadsheets. Working remotely wasn't possible, record keeping was strenuous on Excel, and paperwork was lengthy and time-consuming.

    They now use Zoho Creator for HRMS and operations like facility management, order management, utility maintenance, and more.

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    "Since the implementation of Zoho Creator, Advanced Tastes Holding Company has seen a 60% boost in productivity across departments. Zoho Creator has maintained its status as the ideal fit for the company on their digital transformation journey."
    - Fazal Mahfooz, IT Manager, Advanced Tastes Holding Company
  • Tech Star in Manufacturing

    Tech Star in Manufacturing

    Signify Saudi Arabia is a world leader in lighting appliances; and electrical and electronics manufacturing.

    Previously, they had multiple tools for different needs, like customer surveys, data collection from geo locations, employee engagement apps, inventory management, and access management.

    To address their business requirements, they felt low-code could help build customized apps for their needs. Signify Saudi Arabia has now built most of their requirements on Zoho Creator, which has become a unified platform with multiple apps and mobile capabilities.

    "It's easy to use because of low-code and its simple Deluge scripts. The mobile app features also give some added advantages, as it has options to rebrand with our identity, and some components can be used offline as well."
    - Mohammed Nadeemuddin, IT Systems Lead, Signify Saudi Arabia
  • Tech Star in Finance

    Tech Star in Finance

    Kinara Capital provides financial solutions to MSMEs across India.

    The company used multiple applications for different operational processes, such as Tally for financial management, and Jira and Trello for project management.

    With Zoho Creator, Kinara Capital has automated their internal processes, employee management, vendor payments, order management, financial management, project management, and more. They leverage Zoho Creator to digitize multiple manual and internal operations. With a friendly UI and the minimal coding knowledge needed, they could build apps quickly and see productivity, revenue, data availability, and employee satisfaction increase.

    "For NBFCs like ours, Zoho Creator allows us to customize specific business requirements with less time and investment, resulting in a huge impact on revenue and employee satisfaction."
    - Raju RK, Manager, Kinara Capital
  • Tech Star in Retail

    Tech Star in Retail

    BigBasket is India's largest online supermarket, delivering groceries and home needs.

    Having used many off-the-shelf solutions before, they needed customized software for analyzing projected vs actual budget utilized, internal process automation, easy integration, and more.

    With Zoho Creator apps managing inventory, orders, and process automation, they've observed a 1.5X increase in productivity.

    "There is almost a 50% reduction in time spent on manual processes!"
    - Vinayaka Gangavathi, Head Procurement, BigBasket, A TATA Enterprise.
  • Digital Transformation Star in Manufacturing

    Digital Transformation Star in Manufacturing

    Cemblocks is a leading manufacturer of quality bricks and paving in South Africa.

    Previously they utilized Excel sheets, which could not automate tasks the way Zoho Creator can.

    They've now built a custom costing system with Zoho Creator, to meet their logistics, costing, and bill of quantities needs. They also use custom apps built for inventory management, internal process management, sales management, and employee management.

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    "At Cemblocks, we found Zoho Creator to be the best fit for our organization, due to its flexibility and customizability. With Zoho Creator, we could create tailored applications to fit our unique business needs without relying on external developers. Additionally, Zoho Creator's user-friendly interface made it easy for our team to adapt quickly and start using the platform effectively."
    - Jay Horn, Logistics Manager, Cemblocks
  • Tech Star in Asset Management

    Tech Star in Asset Management

    Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment designs, manufactures, installs, and services cranes in Australia. The business also regularly maintains client assets—essential cranes and lifting gear. Initially, the organization had no unified system to manage or register client assets and maintain the assets' service data.

    Now, they use a custom asset management solution, built with Zoho Creator, that manages 2,000 assets at 500 sites nationwide. This has provided significant productivity gains, with a marked reduction of manually typed reports, less paperwork, more effective data management, and increased revenue.

    "If you have clients whose assets you service, repair, or install (new products) and want to track these assets, including repairs, installations and regular maintenance, and have all your clients' assets available on one platform, then Zoho Creator could be of great benefit to your company."
    - Lisa Strangwick, Group Performance Manager, Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment
  • Tech Star in HR Management

    Tech Star in HR Management

    Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute is a consulting company that partners with organizations to deliver customized training, events, and assessments.

    They test employees/candidates for their clients, so they need to have accurate order histories and testing preferences accessible to their client service representatives. They also need to process orders quickly, vet candidates on a testing platform, aggregate the test scores, and gain detailed insights.

    Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute leverages Zoho Creator for internal process automation, order management, financial management, and test score management. Processing a weekend's testing and handing off orders to a consultant used to take 6 hours every Monday—now it takes 2-3 hours. They've also expanded Zoho Creator to include an API to capture the test scores of their candidates digitally and created a powerful analytics tool for consultants to use in their analysis.

    "The time savings is huge for our business. Our Creator apps have become more comprehensive and expanded to other business parts. The comparison charts can be used by our team in real time for candidates completing tests. This was impossible before this implementation."
    - Susan Godbey, Operations Leader, Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute
  • Tech Star in Sports Management

    Snowbility empowers people with special needs and mental health challenges through ski and snowboard coaching.

    Previously, they started with spreadsheets, Microsoft Access programs, and address files, which couldn't deliver what was needed.

    They needed one tool with multi-device capabilities to manage the students' information, booking, invoicing, finance, and progress. The information required during lessons had to be immediately accessible for review and updating. This info also needed to be linked in SMS, text, and email reminders for students and instructors.

    Zoho Creator has helped automate their internal processes and manage employees, students, finances, and more.

    "This system is the lifeblood of our business, used by all instructors and all administrators. We use it for everything that makes the business work and function effectively."
    - Richard Fetherston, Founder, Snowbility
  • Digital Transformation Star in Finance

    Digital Transformation Star in Finance

    NurkinCPA are certified public accountants who help in filing US tax returns for clients.

    Previously, they relied on manual work and spreadsheets, but this slowed operations and made the whole process take longer than necessary.

    Zoho Creator helped them eliminate manual processes, improve data gathering, reduce costs, improve visibility across the entire organization, and more.

    With custom apps built on Zoho Creator, they saw improvement in productivity, a significant increase in revenue, a decrease in expenses, a reduction in processing, and an increase in customer satisfaction.

    "Zoho Creator has transformed our business. With our Zoho Creator customer portal, we are no longer busy with labor-intensive manual processing. We can now focus our energies on growing the business and increasing customer satisfaction by providing faster turnaround time. This has given us an edge over our competition."
    - David Beychok, CEO, NurkinCPA
  • Tech Star in Hospitality

    Tech Star in Hospitality

    Katt Cafe is a restaurant that provides a haven for stray cats in Bulgaria.

    Though they used many tools for their processes, from Google Calendar to the more advanced WebHR, none was customizable for their needs.

    Katt Cafe wanted to keep all of their apps and information together in one place and find affordable software compatible with Bulgarian software laws for the cats' management (medical treatment, feeding, specific nursery instructions, adoption profiles, foster homes profiles, owner training programs, and more). They also wanted niche software integration with any restaurant managing software, since they also work with foods and beverages.

    Custom apps built on Zoho Creator now help manage both the cats and the restaurant.

    "Customization! In such a niche business like ours, we require the most customizable solutions possible."
    - Anastasia Dockina, CEO, Katt Cafe
  • Digital Transformation Star in Asset Management

    Digital Transformation Star in Asset Management

    ZA eDge provides software, hardware, auditing, and condition assessment of fixed assets in South Africa. They also offer professional engineering and accounting auditing services.

    They used Excel and Power Apps before switching to Zoho Creator. Customized apps built with Zoho Creator help them collect field data and manage fixed assets. They now have easy tools to migrate existing data or implement new business solutions. Leveraging Zoho Creator, they can now analyze and map business processes, align them to goals, and address their business challenges. Time saved during development allows the firm to ensure excellent user adoption and provide metrics to measure success.

    "The time required to develop our business and data collection apps has improved by over 300%."
    - Mpho Makhene, Business Director, ZA eDge
  • Tech Star in Publishing

    Rattling Good Yarns Press is an independent US publishing house specializing in LGBTQ fiction, history, and whimsy.

    They sought a reliable system to record book sales, track royalties, and produce author royalty statements. What Rattling Good Yarns Press wanted was one system and one source of truth.

    Now, Zoho Creator helps them with sales, ISBN, and author royalties management.

    "We’re now saving one week a month. Instead of tracking and managing book titles and ISBN, all six business days, we’re down to a few hours a month."
    - Ian Henzel, Managing Publisher, Rattling Good Yarns Press
  • Tech Star in Procurement solutions

    WCube is a one-stop sourcing platform for B2B purchases of IT products, office supplies, cleaning supplies, and more. They sell over 16,000 products across various regions. The organization built their customized BPM software, Cube Ops, using Zoho Creator.

    Cube Ops is critical for their business operations, and was built in less than three months. Successful outcomes include quicker adoption, just-in-time (JIT) inventory, improved efficiency, and revenue growth.

    "Zoho has helped us be a tech-enabled company and leverage the platform to close orders. Zoho Creator has helped us manage not just internal stakeholders but also our clients and vendors."
    - Udit Chandhok, CEO & Co-Founder, WCube Solutions
  • Tech Innovator in Manufacturing

    Tech Innovator in Manufacturing

    PBA Robotics is a renowned robotics and automation organization in Southeast Asia. Their core technology revolves around building robotics products and providing turnkey automation solutions to help businesses augment Industry 4.0 technology.

    PBA Robotics built a Creator app to automate their entire testing process, including integration with testing instruments. This resulted in users only needing to scan a QR code and place testing probes in the right places to know whether a product passed or failed quality inspection. Seamless integration of their Creator app with Zoho Analytics makes big data analytics instantly available.

    With Zoho Creator they've achieved 25% time savings, amounting to $100K SGD annually, along with an 80% reduction in customer return merchandise authorization (RMA).

    "The significant benefits that Zoho Creator provides organizations like ours is a quick way to test process innovation ideas and implement them in record time—days and weeks, instead of months or years."
    - PBA Robotics
  • Tech Star in Property Management

    Tech Star in Property Management

    PropertyAngel is a renowned property solutions provider in India. They've built a full-fledged, customized property management platform with Zoho Creator that handles the entire gamut of their backend property management operations.

    The custom-built property management platform has modules or subsystems that help automate operations such as property acquisition, property lifecycle management, tenant management, customer feedback, and more. Using Zoho Creator's QR code scanner, they seamlessly manage all their property keys, which have a QR code attached to them. This then helps to record key check-ins and check-outs in real time.

    PropertyAngel's property management platform integrates with Zoho Books for its accounting module, as well as Zoho Analytics for deep metrics and reports for the health of the overall organization and modules.

    "Our entire backend operations runs on Zoho. We're now looking to use the customer portal to provide a front-facing app to our customers. There has of course been a huge productivity improvement from before!"
    - PropertyAngel
  • Tech Star in Energy

    Tech Star in Energy

    Yellow Africa is a tech startup that ensures that even the remotest African villages get electricity via solar-powered home systems. They distribute solar-powered devices and smartphone products to customers without access to formal logistics or retail systems.

    Yellow Africa's use of Zoho Creator is extensive. They've built an entire enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for their last mile distribution.

    Leveraging Zoho Creator's features, like Deluge event processing, invoke URLs, scheduled workflows, customer portal apps, and being able to deploy APKs within a day, Yellow Africa has also been able to cater to the needs of their sales agents in and around Malawi and Uganda.

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    "Our use of Zoho Creator is extensive. We've built an entire enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution—Ofeefee—for our specific industry (last mile distribution). We like to say it's SAP for our industry, but it costs us a fraction of the equivalent licensing fees."
    - Yellow Africa
  • Tech Star in Retail

    Tech Star in Retail

    Chez, based out of France, is an ecommerce business offering high-end antique furniture to clients in the USA and worldwide. Since 2015, Chez Pluie has grown to become the number one French furniture store and has been featured in industry-leading publications, such as Vogue, Architectural Digest, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

    Chez Pluie's business operation is unique—they sell one-off products and then they ship bespoke, custom-made timber packages to any destination in the world. During the initial days, this made them realize that they needed a customized solution for inventory management, accounting, sales, and other functions.

    With Creator's customized enterprise management system, they can instantly generate a quote for any client across the globe, manage all import and export processes in line with US custom requirements, update pricing, track suppliers’ inventory levels in real time, and more.

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    "If a process can't be done with Creator, don't do it."
  • Digital Transformation Star in Education

    Digital Transformation Star in Education

    Aspen Hill Montessori is a private Montessori school founded in 2013 in Calgary, Alberta. They faced challenges with human errors involved with manual processes, as they relied on paper-based systems for registrations and admissions.

    With Zoho Creator, Aspen Hill Montessori built a tax receipt request system and a student database system. They say that this saves them time and money on automating student administrative processes and more.

    "The benefits we get from Creator are the easy-to-use GUI for development, minimal coding knowledge needed, quick time to market, customer portal, and amazing customer service."
    - Aspen Hill Montessori
  • Tech Star in Healthcare

    Tech Star in Healthcare

    TeleMD360 is a Louisiana-based healthcare technology integrator providing B2B and B2C services. They enable the delivery of clinical care services to patients in partnership with accountable care organizations (ACOs), payers, health systems, and independent physicians.

    They were looking for flexibility to design and modify on-demand relational databases to manage operations for evolving needs, as well as easy integration with other apps.

    TeleMD360 uses Zoho Creator for internal process automation/management, employee management, finance management, and patient tracking for clinical care services.

    "Zoho Creator provides the opportunity for data-dependent organizations, like ours, to quickly pivot in response to new operational or regulatory demands, without the need to spend large amounts of dollars on software upgrades or changes. "
    - TeleMD360
  • Carryfresh Logistics

    Tech Star in Logistics

    Carryfresh Logistics have been experts in cold chain logistics for over 10 years. They provide dependable and cost-effective refrigerated transport services to transport perishable products like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and foods, such as chocolates, dairy, meat, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

    For their unique needs, Carryfresh Logistics built a custom ERP for streamlining trip management. This enables all their operational activities to function with Zoho Creator.

    "As a cold chain transportation logistics firm, our requirements for trip management are very volatile. Each client needs different requirements and thereby operations, as well. With Zoho Creator we have the advantage of creating our own software and also customizing as and when it's required."
    - Carryfresh Logistics
  • Digital Transformation Star in Real Estate

    Digital Transformation Star in Real Estate

    One Stop Cooling & Heating are a prominent cooling and heating solutions provider in Florida.

    The company needed a better way to track the number of housing developments that they were working in across the state of Florida. There was also a need to control and track serialized PO numbers.

    Zoho Creator helps them with inventory management, sales management, fleet management, project management, and more.

    "We save over $2,000 yearly in paper and work hours not having to aggregate and print out reports for yearly budget meetings."
    - One Stop Cooling & Heating
  • Fourth Dimension Medical Company

    Tech Innovator in Healthcare

    Fourth Dimension Medical Company (FDMC) are a leading medical equipment provider in the Middle East. The firm handles a range of equipment for orthopaedics, respiratory care, rehabilitation, mobility solutions, beds, surgical disposables, infection control, pharmaceuticals, and more.

    Leveraging Creator, they have built a customizable order management system with integration with their current ERP, along with integrations with third parties (SMS and payment gateways, order delivery tracking platforms, and more).

    "Zoho Creator is definitely a great tool for businesses who are seeking digitization with the least cost and short implementation time. Also, the Zoho support team is the best that anyone could ask for."
    - Fourth Dimension Medical Company
  • Tech Star in Real Estate

    Tech Star in Real Estate

    Prime Property Care, UK is an HMO management firm that helps their clients with property management, tenant management, inspections, compliance management, and much more.

    They built a property management app with Zoho Creator, and have been running the app in full production mode for over 5 years. The app checks compliance, sends notifications, runs automated workflows, and helps the company save $30-50k per year.

    "We really needed something exceptional to align with our existing processes and something that we could adopt and tune at will, on-the-fly, when we need it. We're tuning and improving our workflow on a daily basis and that's the power of it. And best of all, we don't need any developers or unnecessary extra expenses to keep growing and expanding our platform—we do everything ourselves."
    - Prime Property Care
  • Digital Transformation Star in Food & Beverage

    Digital Transformation Star in Food & Beverage

    Founded in 1969, GoodyCo is a multinational food company in Saudi Arabia, with operations in South Africa and the UAE. GoodyCo currently provides more than 200 different products.

    With over 6,000 containers shipped in a year, coming from 24 different countries, carrying over 13 million cases, made up of more than 420 different items, theirs is a very complex business to track and manage. GoodyCo developed an online database where suppliers and employees are able to collaborate, and everyone can track the status of shipments on a very detailed level, with automated reports generated.

    With Creator, they've seen a reduction in headcount requirements of approx $38k, reduction in penalties of approx $66k, improvement in supply chain visibility duration from 7 days up to 34 days in advance, and other intangible improvements in processes, planning, and stakeholder management.

    "I found the Deluge language very friendly and easy to learn, and was able to learn on my own within 2 weeks, without prior knowledge. "
    - Goody Co
  • Digital Transformation Star in Logistics

    Digital Transformation Star in Logistics

    Emirates Logistics India is a company engaged in freight forwarding, shipping, logistics, supply chain management, warehousing, transportation, distribution of goods, and customs clearance services. The company has a presence in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, and Malaysia. It s also a part of Sharaf Group UAE, which is one of the largest conglomerate groups of companies based in the UAE.

    To date, Emirates Logistics has developed applications on Zoho Creator for customer service, operations, sales, human resources, compliance, and more.

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    "Prior to Zoho Creator, most of the functions were offline, through email, or Excel-based methods which were time-consuming and never gave easy access to data and analytical reports."
    - Emirates Logistics India
  • ERP Tech Star in Manufacturing

    ERP Tech Star in Manufacturing

    Gantom Lighting & Controls is a manufacturer of special-effects lighting equipment for the themed attraction industry. They're experts in illumination of low-light and space-constrained environments where traditional theatrical lighting isn't adequate.

    Gantom's award-winning products help many lighting designers and industry experts and have been installed in venues around the world, including theme parks, museums, bars and clubs, casinos, and haunted attractions.

    When the company first began, spreadsheets and emails were used to communicate between the factory and headquarters. This quickly grew unmanageable as the data volume and amount of changes greatly increased. They now use a custom-made ERP built on Zoho Creator that handles their business processes reliably.

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    "We can't live without Zoho Creator! We feel relying on Zoho Creator is the logical choice, because so many other companies are also supported. Therefore we benefit from the collective need and rock-solid support for the product."
    - Gantom Lighting & Controls
  • Hacker Kitchens India

    Digital Transformation Star in Manufacturing

    In 2004, Hacker entered the Indian market with Kanu Kitchen Kulture. Over the last 15 years, the brand has provided modern fitted kitchens with quality interior products and exemplary customer service. Currently, they have over a dozen exclusive Hacker showrooms in India.

    They've created individual applications for each of their showrooms, which helps to ensure regular follow-up with clients, create deal agreements, aid in recordkeeping and updating quotations, and more.

    ""Thank you for making this product. We now have a clear view of how much more optimization we can do in our company.""
    - Hacker Kitchens India
  • Tech Star in Oil & Gas

    Tech Star in Oil & Gas

    Gas Track Engineering is a professional engineering firm that specializes in gas leak detection with the latest optical gas imaging and thermal technology. They also provide services such as land surveying, fugitive emission surveys, methane reduction management, hot spot detection surveys, and other thermal imaging applications.

    Zoho Creator has been integral to their business operations, with a very effective project management system. It solves the need for a secure cloud database, portal access for their customers, and dashboards that allow quick reference and summaries of collected data, with the ability to graphically represent the location of their projects.

    "Zoho Creator is very impressive and I have recommended the software to several of my contacts!"
  • Tech Star in Nonprofit

    Tech Star in Nonprofit

    The Kaua’i Forest Bird Recovery Project is a collaborative effort between the State of Hawai’i Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) and the Pacific Studies Cooperative Unit of the University of Hawai’i. The project aims to promote knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of Kaua‘i’s native forest birds.

    Field operations take place in the rugged and remote rain forest of the Alakai Swamp and are logistically challenging. The application built on Zoho Creator helps with inventory management, employee management, financial management, project management, and more. Creator helps them stay organized and make sure all necessary personnel, equipment, and logistics are lined up to make field work a success.

    "Prior to Zoho Creator, we used a variety of tools and databases to organize our operations. It was complicated and confusing, especially for new people coming in."
    - Kaua'i Forest Bird Recovery Project
  • Comarcom

    Tech Star in Telecom

    Comarcom, which began in 2003, is a privately owned firm in the cellular radio access network market.

    Since their products and parts are made to order, they needed a customized app for stock management, production management, client order management, RFQ management, and more. With Creator, they've seen an improvement in operational efficiency and process innovation that has paved the way for their digital transformation.

    "Zoho Creator helped to understand lead times, pricing policies, sale trends, production plans, and more. It also provides the ease to generate financial statements and client/supplier statements."
    - Comarcom
  • Tech Star - Government Organizations

    Tech Star - Government Organizations

    Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL), established by the Government of Tamil Nadu, produces newsprint and writing paper using bagasse, a sugarcane residue. It's considered to be one of the most environmentally compliant paper mills in the world under the provisions of the Companies Act of 1956.

    TNPL uses a custom application built on Zoho Creator for their HR recruitment purposes. The app helps to streamline more than 10,000 applications received. The recruit portal filters the applicants based on eligibility criteria. This helps to avoid manual errors during scrutinization of applications, and aids in transparency and compliance with audits.

    "Employee productivity, operational efficiency, and employee satisfaction has improved with Creator."
    - TNPL
  • SmartLam North America

    ERP Tech Star in Manufacturing

    SmartLam North America is a major mass timber solutions company that used Zoho Creator to build a customized manufacturing ERP that helps them achieve 90% efficiency in their production process.

    Besides the flexibility factor, SmartLam chose Creator because it was a comprehensive, cloud platform that could help them digitize processes at speed, and wasn't expensive compared to the manufacturing systems available on the market.

    With Zoho Creator they've achieved cost savings of $250,000 over 2 years, a 90% reduction in errors, 90% increase in productivity, and 10% increase in profits.

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    "If I were to estimate our benefit, it would be close to a quarter of a million dollars over the last two years. I can tell you that, without Zoho, we would not be where we are today. Now we have over 100 employees, and two recently built state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of which Zoho is and was integral in our success."
    - SmartLam North America
  • Estate Crush

    Digital Transformation Star in Food & Beverage

    Estate Crush Winery, headquartered in California, makes over 150 wines in an 18,000 sq.ft. facility, running tasting tours, and offering custom batches. To manage more than 350 tons per harvest, many processes need to be tracked and run according to schedules.

    Zoho Creator helps Estate Crush manage inventory, lab analysis, work orders, packaging for bottling, TTB/ABC government compliance, weight tags, and much more.

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    "It's inexpensive, very easy, and the support’s great. You can grow quickly, you can grow as fast as you want, and as big as you can imagine. Zoho Creator’s been just a perfect partner for us."
    - Estate Crush
  • Eco Chimneys

    Tech Innovator in Manufacturing

    Eco Chimneys is an expert in manufacturing and installing precast reinforced cement concrete (RCC) chimneys. They've been in the business since 2001, and have executed over 1,400+ small-, medium-, and large-scale chimney projects throughout India and overseas.

    Initially, they wanted an app for sales management. However, after developing the app on Zoho Creator and using it for a few months, they were able to develop apps for other business requirements that played a role in their day-to-day operations.

    Eco Chimneys use Zoho Creator for managing sales, purchase orders, and custom ERP solutions.

    "Zoho Creator is one of the very few cost-effective and user-friendly tools available. It helps develop ERPs based on one's understanding of the business, as well as implement it with ease."
    - Eco Chimneys
  • New Coast Trading

    Digital Transformation Star in Agriculture Trading

    New Coast Trading (NCT) is a digital agricultural trading company that distributes grain from North and South America to retail food outlets and supermarkets throughout the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. NCT is one of the few digital agricultural trading companies in the world, and has clients and vendors all over the globe.

    In line with the needs of a trading company, NCT has built three major modules using Zoho Creator, for managing logistics, finance and accounts, and documentation. After introducing Creator, NCT saw a 48% increase in revenue, 80% drop in shipping documentation errors, and 50% drop in claims.

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    "We use the Creator app to manage shipments—where we assign each shipment a number, person responsible, its content, documentation, and a stage. Each shipment shows up as an element in the Kanban report, and it moves between the different stages based on where it is in the process."
    - New Coast Trading
  • Texey SRL

    Digital Transformation Star in Logistics

    Texey SRL is a renowned logistic company in Argentina that works in the very demanding oil and gas production sector.

    It was critical to Texey SRL to keep real-time track of the state of their fleet and compliance with the safety requirements of their clients. Irrespective of the location, data needed to reach decision makers without delay. Texey SRL uses Zoho Creator to manage its fleet, inventory, employees, client safety compliance, and more.

    "The best part is the speed at which we can move from development to operation for each new application feature. Zoho Creator goes along with us in our evolution and at our pace."
    - Texey SRL
  • deSIAM Thailand

    Tech Star in Food & Beverage

    deSIAM is a premium range of Thai curry pastes, cooking kits, and other processed foods. They use Creator for automating their administrative processes, accounting, export documentation, and more.

    They were previously using Excel and Dropbox, as well as Thai language accounting software. They moved first to Zoho Books then Zoho Creator to generate export documents and automate admin and QC database documentation. They're now implementing the automation of orders with Zoho Creator.

    "Zoho changed our life!"
    - deSiam Thailand
  • America Ship

    Tech Star in Logistics

    America Ship is a logistics company catering to the US, Mexico, and China. Their service is mainly in package shipping and freight forwarding. In the market for tech tools, they realized that no packaged software was sufficient for their needs and growth. Only a platform that can make customized software/apps was needed, and Zoho Creator fit the bill.

    They use Creator to automate time-consuming processes, such as notifying customers for payment, changing the status of shipments, and more. With Zoho Creator they save at least $3,000 per month.

    "As Zoho Creator is evolving, our business is also growing together. We are on the shoulders of giants. Thank you!"
    - America Ship
  • 365 Workplace Safety

    Tech Star in Nonprofit

    365 Workplace Safety is a nonprofit for construction safety. Before Zoho Creator, they didn't have an effective way to track membership and bill members automatically. Zoho Creator has automated the entire process so that they can focus on the customer experience instead of the back-end details.

    "Zoho is 100% the backbone and foundation of our association. We have every member in the Zoho database, with every facet of information to keep track of them. Their dues, what they've utilized in our program, their business info, what marketing campaigns they're a part of, their insurance agent and agency—everything is here!"
    - 365 Workplace Safety

    Tech Star in R&D is an R&D consultancy company based in Spain. Their business model is enabling R&D funding sources for their customers. They work with three types of funding sources: public loans, private investors, and tax deductions. works with SMEs and are managing over 1,000 customers with a team of just 8 people (excluding sales).

    "We're saving around 30-40% of costs for every single customer every year."
  • Sky Nurses

    Tech Star in Medical Transport

    Sky Nurses is a specialized, cost-effective alternative to air ambulance services. They came to Creator because they needed more accountability from the individuals entering information, and their previous program didn't help.

    After implementing the Sky Nurses Center app on Zoho Creator, their clients and contractors are able to view information that pertains to them, with remarkable ease.

    Zoho Creator was the only program that allowed them to build exactly what they needed without limitations, and their communication has improved threefold.

    Sky Nurses now uses Zoho Creator for customer service management, medical cases, and more.

    "Zoho Creator has helped us see significant cost savings for Sky Nurses."
    - Sky Nurses
  • Jetkool Exports (India)

    Tech Star in Fabric Exports

    Jetkool Exports India is a prominent semi-manufacturer and exporter of fabrics, and has been serving international markets since 1992. They started with supplying textiles to Africa and have diversified into multiple sectors, with a variety of product lines to meet global buyers’ demands.

    The Government of India introduced a new taxation structure with requirements to submit the movement of goods to/from the job worker in a format called ITC-04. ITC-04 is a complicated requirement for fabrics supplier, as the industry is unstructured. In this regard, Jetkool Exports required a robust technical mechanism to handle their operations.

    Jetkool Exports (India) use Zoho Creator as a custom ERP solution, as well as to transition from the old tax system to the new GST ITC-04.

    "With what our idea was to spend on ERP software, our custom application was built at a fraction of the cost, resulting in huge savings for a business like mine."
    - Jetkool Exports
  • Chicago Steel Container

    Digital Transformation Star in Manufacturing

    Chicago Steel Container Corporation is one of the largest independent new steel drum manufacturers in Chicago. While the primary focus is new steel containers, Chicago Steel Container also manufactures and sells drum parts, and is a distributor of Schuetz plastic containers and totes.

    Chicago Steel uses Zoho Creator for quality management, forklift reporting, ISO management, data management, and more.

    "With Zoho Creator, we've achieved productivity improvement, an increase in revenue, reduction in data collection time, and better record-keeping."
    - Chicago Steel Container
  • Iswarya Fertility Centre

    Digital Transformation Star in Healthcare

    Iswarya Fertility Centre is a renowned fertility hospital that has provided advanced fertility treatments and world-class infrastructure for more than 30 years. As a growing organization, they were looking to utilize software that could go live in less than 4 hours and be used across any number of branches.

    They use applications built on Zoho Creator as hospital management software, to handle inventory, orders, financial details, and more. With Zoho Creator, they've seen improvements in employee productivity, operational efficiency, process innovation, and the implementation of digital transformation in their hospitals.

    "Zoho Creator provides us with hospital management software built on the cloud, with the features we need."
    - Iswarya Fertility Centre
  • Anand and Anand

    Tech Innovator in IPR Law Services

    Anand and Anand is a renowned IPR law firm that currently employs over 400 people, including over 100 attorneys and engineers, with offices based in New Delhi, Noida, Chennai, and Mumbai. In addition to being recognized for leadership in intellectual property, the firm has also won the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers award for Data and Technology across the Asia-Pacific region.

    They use Zoho Creator for remote project management, real-time data management, easy migration, and more.

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    "Since SaaS-based applications typically are not heavily customizable, we needed a PaaS solution, but without the need to engage IT developers to code the applications from scratch."
    - Anand and Anand
  • Digital Transformation Star in Animal Management

    Vaalriet Enterprises, based in South Africa, deals with pasture production for dairy and sheep. They use Zoho Creator for animal management.

    As the workforce at the farm had low levels of computer literacy, conventional computer programs were less viable, and off-the-shelf software wasn't an affordable option. They needed a user-friendly platform to build applications at speed and also ensure these apps were accessible on mobile.

    Zoho Creator now helps track the farm's productivity at a high level, as well as on a per-animal basis.This has also resulted in reduced inventory due to improved planning.

    "It has saved us a lot of time, as our employees now capture data from mobile devices, and we merely extract the information as and when needed—there's finally time to focus on the bigger picture."
    - Vaalriet Enterprises
  • Tenxhealth Technologies

    Tech Star in Healthcare

    Tenxhealth Technologies provides healthcare software to renowned hospitals, like MGM, Velammal in India. They were looking to develop a software platform in healthcare for integrating hospital ERPs, third-party software, and IoT devices with hospital equipment.

    "We've observed a 10% savings in energy, 15% increase in revenue, 15% savings in cost of materials, labor, and time, and we're fully complaint with NABH norms."
    - Tenxhealth Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Waveney Valley Smokehouse

    Tech Star in Food Safety

    Waveney Valley Smokehouse is one of the oldest brick kiln smokehouses in Lowestoft, UK. They're a family run smokehouse, using traditional techniques to supply the trade, retail, and homes.

    They use a bespoke Zoho Creator app to run an entire system for booking products, sales order processing, special order needs, packing, labelling, shipping information, maintaining online records of food safety, and more—saving hundreds of hours of work, creating instant audits, and keeping comprehensive records.

    "All this functionality was designed and managed by one person, creating an essential component of our business that would have cost many thousand of pounds to facilitate any other way. Our business relies on Zoho."
    - Waveney Valley Smokehouse
  • Studio 83

    Tech Star in Customer Experience

    Studio 83 was founded in 2008, with a presence in Hong Kong and Taipei. The company has evolved from creative arts education to an art intersect space, bringing art, design, culture and life to one place.

    Since they run various art courses and events in Hong Kong, they use Zoho Creator to streamline their CRM processes, loyalty programs, and service notifications. With Zoho Creator, Studio 83 has seen a 50% revenue increase.

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    "For SMBs like ours, Zoho Creator allows us to customize a system according to our special needs, without a large investment."
    - Studio 83
  • Hospital das Clínicas - Federal University of Minas Gerais

    Tech Innovator in Healthcare

    The Hospital das Clínicas of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (HC-UFMG), managed by the Brazilian Hospital Services Company (Ebserh), is a university hospital, public and general, integrated completely with the Unified Health System.

    Zoho Creator helps the organization achieve: greater transfusion safety for patients through the computerization of the process of identifying receptors and blood components; better inventory management and reduction of the loss of blood components due to the expiration date; and cost reduction by optimizing the number of laboratory tests, haemocomponents, and workers.

    "Our strategy can be applied to any organization, regardless of the complexity and number of transfusions, with increased security and reduced costs."
    - Hospital das Clínicas - Federal University of Minas Gerais
  • Shine Auto Parts WA

    Tech Star in Automotive

    Shine Auto Parts is the leading auto parts supplier among car wreckers in Perth, Australia.

    With Creator, Shine Auto Parts has been able to automate inventory, internal processes, employee management, and more, leading to improvements in sales leads and revenue.

    "Zoho Creator has turned our complex process steps into a one-click script. It has reduced complex errors in recording inquires, and resulted in better time management for internal and remote employees and when interacting with customers. Since we've implemented Zoho Creator, our sales leads and revenue have increased repeatedly."
    - Shine Auto Parts WA
  • Cabaret Systems

    Tech Star in Hospitality

    Cabaret Development LLC., a subsidiary of Cabaret Systems, is a leader in the restaurant software industry.

    They had been using an old FoxPro system that was insufficient for their needs, and were looking for a solution to manage their support logs that was fast, efficient, informative, and portable. Now Cabaret Systems uses Zoho Creator to manage internal processes, support logs, customers, and more.

    "Using the web-based database allowed our techs to enter calls when not in the office, improve training by allowing us to filter logs by issues, and provide remedies for the call. Zoho Creator provided a check and balance on customers that we bill by the hour."
    - Cabaret Systems
  • FreightApp

    Tech Star in Freight Management

    FreightApp is a subsidiary of Midtrans, one of the UAE's leading supply chain and logistics companies. Founded in 2020, FreightApp is a trusted community marketplace for people to ship goods around the world. It helps arrange international cargo delivery, as well as provides services like facilitating customs clearance, forwarding cargo to interior points, coordinating with its network of agents for efficient cargo forwarding, and organizing imports.

    Zoho Creator helps them manage their inventory, sales, employees, customers, and more.

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    "I've solved all the day-to-day problems of my logistics business using Zoho Creator. It has provided me a platform on which I was able to create FreightApp with minimal coding and technical knowledge. Thank you, Zoho!"
    - Freight App
  • Moffatt Optical

    Tech Star in Healthcare Analytics

    Moffatt Optical is one of Zululand’s biggest franchises of private optometrists.

    They were looking for a centralized hub to manage internal-external order routing, and its various checks and balances, to ensure there are no duplicate orders, and a feedback mechanism to ensure that the business units invoice bills correctly. Zoho Creator was their best bet for these needs.

    Moffatt Optical uses Zoho Creator to run approval processes, monitor order and supply turnaround times, and manage billing and order tracking in real time.

    "We were better able to monitor orders in real-time, and run approval processes and real-time billing and order tracking."
    - Moffatt Optical
  • RCSI Bahrain

    Tech Star in Education

    RCSI Bahrain, Medical University of Bahrain, wins Zoho Creator's Tech Star in Education award for the second consecutive year!

    RCSI Bahrain is primarily an educational establishment for medical and nursing students, however it also focuses on postgraduate studies and research.

    During the current pandemic, RCSI Bahrain played a lead role in establishing not only the first ever clinical trial held in Bahrain, but also the second and third ones. Two of these clinical trials were directly associated with patients with COVID-19. In any clinical trial, the collection and processing of data is a fundamental part of the process. Data is collected daily through a case response form (CRF) and then fed back to a central point where the data is analyzed and reported on by the principal investigators (PIs).

    For the three clinical trials in Bahrain, the associated CRFs (with up to 250 data items in each) were recreated as a Zoho Creator form (as eCRFs). The associated application runs on a tablet, and the doctors/clinicians working in the hospitals collect patient data on a daily basis, which is immediately available to the PIs for review.

  • Ativore Global Investments

    Tech Star in Real Estate

    Ativore Global Investments, in São Paulo, Brazil, wins the Tech Star in Real Estate award for the second consecutive year!

    Before Zoho Creator, all company data management was handled in Google Sheets. However, they were unable to achieve LGPD compliance, database security was unsatisfactory, and there was very low automation and integration possibilities.

    Now, with Zoho Creator, almost 100% of their projects have automation tasks that allow them to provide a better experience for both sides.

    Ativore Global Investments built an investor portal with Zoho Creator, which gives transparency to their customers via documentation and investment returns.

  • Air Rail

    Tech Star in Logistics Award

    Air Rail, a leading logistics firm in Spain, uses Zoho Creator to manage inventory and serve its customers better.

    Air Rail customized the platform for its needs with minimum effort and training. The application named GSE REPORT enabled Air Rail to provide its customers with real-time fleet inventory status and support ticket updates. Customer satisfaction increased, and Air Rail can now manage an '800+ machines' contract with more efficiency than before.

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    "The Zoho Creator application was so successful that our team and clients started demanding it. We are currently using it for 14 clients in 3 languages and 3 countries in Europe."
    - Air Rail
  • Aboitiz

    Tech Star in Finance

    Aboitiz Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Asia, uses Zoho Creator for digital transformation and process innovation. Aboitiz implemented more than 40 applications across multiple business units through Zoho Creator.

    Aboitiz has reduced app development and deployment times and improved productivity. With Zoho Creator, teams were able to automate their workflows, allowing them to be more efficient.

    They have benefitted from apps for customized registration and customer satisfaction. They've also created apps with specific workflows for parking systems, insurance, HR benefits, offboarding, and more.

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    "The ability of the Zoho Creator platform to empower team members to come up with a solution to their own problems and actually create and implement the solution themselves is a testament of how the initiative complements the overall digital transformation journey of the Aboitiz Group."
    - Aboitiz Equity Ventures
  • Briotix Health

    Tech Star in Finance

    Briotix Health LP is a leading occupational health company in Colorado, USA that uses Zoho Creator for its bespoke operating system, service documentation, and much more.

    The efficiency gained by using Zoho Creator has translated to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings for its clients and improved capacity for their service lines, which historically struggle with a clinician shortage in the US. Briotix Health has reduced its software development expenses by over $310k per software product or OS that they build on Creator as opposed to a platform framework such as .NET.

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    "We have seen substantial ROI from our Zoho Creator partnership. The amount of time our team of 400+ healthcare providers and engineers spends on service documentation has decreased by as much as half. That is an average 25-minute reduction on time spent for each of our Ergonomic Assessment services."
    - Briotix Health
  • RCSI Bahrain

    Tech Star in Education

    RCSI Bahrain, a medical university, uses Zoho Creator for its intensive student application process.

    Using Zoho Creator for the university's student application process has provided huge benefits. Some of these are:

    • More efficient data collection
    • Increased productivity as multiple users can access the Zoho Creator application
    • Yearly comparison data via real-time analytical reports
    • Faster access to information and better communication with dashboards

    Learn more

    "Zoho Creator has brought a huge benefit to RCSI Bahrain in the areas of digital transformation, productivity, and management reporting."
    - RCSI Bahrain
  • Courier Logistics

    Most Efficient Enterprise Award

    Courier Logistics Limited in Rotherham has created specific bespoke programs that fit the needs of the business and bring different sets of data together.

    With Zoho Creator, Courier Logistics was able to save significantly, the most recent being £18000 per year. This was possible because they internally developed an application, and if any improvements were needed, they were done quickly. This has helped to increase staff motivation as well. Zoho Creator has helped to automate their business processes.

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    "Zoho Creator gave us the ability to create programs specifically for our needs, saving us a large amount of money. The most recent was £18,000 per year."
    - Courier Logistics Limited
  • Red Dragon Group

    Digital Transformer Award

    Red Dragon Group in Cardiff, UK leverages Zoho Creator as a complete custom-built cleaning app with QR code scanning and picture uploading functions.

    With Zoho Creator, Red Dragon Group has improved employee productivity, customer experience, employee satisfaction, and cost savings.

    "We have increased our customer base and saved time while using the Zoho Creator app."
    - Red Dragon Group
  • Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd

    Tech Star in Food & Beverages

    Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd improved productivity and opted for environmentally friendly, paperless methods for data management with Zoho Creator.

    With Zoho Creator, Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd has been able to improve employee satisfaction, process innovation, and digital transformation.

    "Zoho creator is very user-friendly. It makes it easy to develop applications, and the live support is very helpful."
    - Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd
  • La Cháchara

    Revenue Ninja

    La Cháchara, an online retail firm in Mexico, has seen 10X its usual productivity by managing inventory, internal process automation, sales, and much more with Zoho Creator. La Cháchara was able to integrate financial analysis, sales, stock, client details, and team information in a single application and view real-time data updates.

    "Thanks to Zoho Creator, we managed to reach a historical $2.6 million in sales this year, and it is something we are very proud of."
    - La Cháchara
  • Stella & Chewy’s

    Retail Trailblazer

    Stella & Chewy’s, a renowned pet food manufacturer in the USA, uses Zoho Creator to manage its inventory, sales, and marketing campaigns. Zoho Creator helps Stella & Chewy's by improving speed to market its products and the productivity of its operations. It also helps teams create solutions thatprovide insights on grassroot data.

    "Our Sales team is able to enter product data with pictures in the Zoho Creator app. The back office is able to run reports and analytics to manage marketing campaigns and measure store performance with real-time data, avoiding emails, excel, etc."
    - Stella & Chewy’s
  • Ozelia

    Best ERP Application in Manufacturing

    Ozelia, an award-winning olive oil producer in Texas, uses Zoho Creator as its main ERP software.

    After implementing OlivERP, Ozelia was able to monitor, control, and report on multiple production processes. Some of these are daily inventory received, manufacturing line efficiency, seasonal production amounts, revenue, expenses, personnel, and more. These functions are accessible through mobile devices as well.

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    "The features and scope of OlivERP cannot be replicated by any commercial ERP available without spending millions of USD. This was only possible with Zoho Creator. Thank you for creating Zoho Creator!"
    - Ozelia
  • Kumi Motors SA de CV

    Tech Star in Automotives

    Kumi Motors SA de CV uses Zoho Creator for personnel management, demo vehicle use tracking, vehicle inventory, and more.

    The cost of personnel management systems runs an average of 16,000 dollars per year for a staff workforce between 400 and 500 employees. Zoho Creator helped reduced these costs and streamlined employee management, control, and communication. It also helped control demo vehicle usage control, cutting fuel costs by 70%, which currently represents 13,000 dollars annually. Zoho Creator also played a role in improving sales for used vehicles by 20%.

    Learn more

    "With Zoho Creator, you can solve any problem that you have or create any type of control. It's the best computer solution of recent times because it allows you to integrate with other services. It's a magical thing."
    - Kumi Motors SA de CV
  • Joulon

    Tech Star in Oil & Gas

    The billion-dollar conglomerate, Joulon, takes up end-to-end rig activation contracts and manages deliveries of over $25 million per rig. Zoho Creator helps them to track shipments, shipping costs, and more.

    Joulon uses Zoho Creator to keep track of 1000+ line items, delivered through multiple shipments on different dates and with different modes. The platform is also used to keep track of conversations with vendors and generate monthly on the status of shipments, logistics costs, and accruals.

    "Zoho Creator improved on-time shipping by 30%, increased productivity by over 20%, and reduced incomplete shipment by over 75%."
    - Joulon
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology

    Digital Trailblazer in Education

    SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai uses Zoho Creator for all admission processes until a student graduates. The portal displays comprehensive information and automates processes for over 25,000 students.

    SRM has been able to reduce infrastructure costs and man-hours, giving them more time to develop and manage business solutions. Zoho Creator has also helped with rapid prototyping and iteration, quick integration with existing/newer systems, and scalability.

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    "We needed agility, frugality, and rapid application development on new business processes. We can meet those challenges with Zoho Creator."
    - SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  • Kumi Motors SA de CV

    Best QRPS Management System in Healthcare

    The National Maternity Hospital, the largest maternity hospital in Ireland, uses Zoho Creator to manage their QRPS data and information needs.

    Zoho Creator has helped to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical incident, enterprise risk, and operational management. Additionally, better data analysis capabilities, especially through visualization, have allowed NMH to develop and publish digital dashboards.

    Learn more

    "We can state unequivocally that the use of our Zoho Creator apps has made our QRPS management more efficient and effective, contributing to the improved performance and responsiveness of our QRPS function and services—both internal and external."
    - National Maternity Hospital
  • Ativore Global Investments

    Tech Star in Real Estate

    Ativore Global Investments in São Paulo, Brazil enhanced internal processes and sales by building a revolutionary portfolio investment simulator with Zoho Creator.

    "I'm very glad Zoho is investing time and money on new features for Zoho Creator. I'm very excited and looking forward to using javascript for pages. That marks a huge evolution!"
    - Ativore Global Investments