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  • Air Rail

    Tech Star in Logistics Award

    Air Rail, a leading logistics firm in Spain, uses Zoho Creator to manage inventory and serve its customers better.

    Air Rail customized the platform for its needs with minimum effort and training. The application named GSE REPORT enabled Air Rail to provide its customers with real-time fleet inventory status and support ticket updates. Customer satisfaction increased, and Air Rail can now manage an '800+ machines' contract with more efficiency than before.

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    "The Zoho Creator application was so successful that our team and clients started demanding it. We are currently using it for 14 clients in 3 languages and 3 countries in Europe."
    - Air Rail
  • Aboitiz

    Tech Star in Finance

    Aboitiz Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Asia, uses Zoho Creator for digital transformation and process innovation. Aboitiz implemented more than 40 applications across multiple business units through Zoho Creator.

    Aboitiz has reduced app development and deployment times and improved productivity. With Zoho Creator, teams were able to automate their workflows, allowing them to be more efficient.

    They have benefitted from apps for customized registration and customer satisfaction. They've also created apps with specific workflows for parking systems, insurance, HR benefits, offboarding, and more.

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    "The ability of the Zoho Creator platform to empower team members to come up with a solution to their own problems and actually create and implement the solution themselves is a testament of how the initiative complements the overall digital transformation journey of the Aboitiz Group."
    - Aboitiz Equity Ventures
  • Briotix Health

    Tech Star in Finance

    Briotix Health LP is a leading occupational health company in Colorado, USA that uses Zoho Creator for its bespoke operating system, service documentation, and much more.

    The efficiency gained by using Zoho Creator has translated to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings for its clients and improved capacity for their service lines, which historically struggle with a clinician shortage in the US. Briotix Health has reduced its software development expenses by over $310k per software product or OS that they build on Creator as opposed to a platform framework such as .NET.

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    "We have seen substantial ROI from our Zoho Creator partnership. The amount of time our team of 400+ healthcare providers and engineers spends on service documentation has decreased by as much as half. That is an average 25-minute reduction on time spent for each of our Ergonomic Assessment services."
    - Briotix Health
  • RCSI Bahrain

    Tech Star in Education

    RCSI Bahrain, a medical university, uses Zoho Creator for its intensive student application process.

    Using Zoho Creator for the university's student application process has provided huge benefits. Some of these are:

    • More efficient data collection
    • Increased productivity as multiple users can access the Zoho Creator application
    • Yearly comparison data via real-time analytical reports
    • Faster access to information and better communication with dashboards

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    "Zoho Creator has brought a huge benefit to RCSI Bahrain in the areas of digital transformation, productivity, and management reporting."
    - RCSI Bahrain
  • Courier Logistics

    Most Efficient Enterprise Award

    Courier Logistics Limited in Rotherham has created specific bespoke programs that fit the needs of the business and bring different sets of data together.

    With Zoho Creator, Courier Logistics was able to save significantly, the most recent being £18000 per year. This was possible because they internally developed an application, and if any improvements were needed, they were done quickly. This has helped to increase staff motivation as well. Zoho Creator has helped to automate their business processes.

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    "Zoho Creator gave us the ability to create programs specifically for our needs, saving us a large amount of money. The most recent was £18,000 per year."
    - Courier Logistics Limited
  • Red Dragon Group

    Digital Transformer Award

    Red Dragon Group in Cardiff, UK leverages Zoho Creator as a complete custom-built cleaning app with QR code scanning and picture uploading functions.

    With Zoho Creator, Red Dragon Group has improved employee productivity, customer experience, employee satisfaction, and cost savings.

    "We have increased our customer base and saved time while using the Zoho Creator app."
    - Red Dragon Group
  • Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd

    Tech Star in Food & Beverages

    Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd improved productivity and opted for environmentally friendly, paperless methods for data management with Zoho Creator.

    With Zoho Creator, Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd has been able to improve employee satisfaction, process innovation, and digital transformation.

    "Zoho creator is very user-friendly. It makes it easy to develop applications, and the live support is very helpful."
    - Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd
  • La Cháchara

    Revenue Ninja

    La Cháchara, an online retail firm in Mexico, has seen 10X its usual productivity by managing inventory, internal process automation, sales, and much more with Zoho Creator. La Cháchara was able to integrate financial analysis, sales, stock, client details, and team information in a single application and view real-time data updates.

    "Thanks to Zoho Creator, we managed to reach a historical $2.6 million in sales this year, and it is something we are very proud of."
    - La Cháchara
  • Stella & Chewy’s

    Retail Trailblazer

    Stella & Chewy’s, a renowned pet food manufacturer in the USA, uses Zoho Creator to manage its inventory, sales, and marketing campaigns. Zoho Creator helps Stella & Chewy's by improving speed to market its products and the productivity of its operations. It also helps teams create solutions thatprovide insights on grassroot data.

    "Our Sales team is able to enter product data with pictures in the Zoho Creator app. The back office is able to run reports and analytics to manage marketing campaigns and measure store performance with real-time data, avoiding emails, excel, etc."
    - Stella & Chewy’s
  • Ozelia

    Best ERP Application in Manufacturing

    Ozelia, an award-winning olive oil producer in Texas, uses Zoho Creator as its main ERP software.

    After implementing OlivERP, Ozelia was able to monitor, control, and report on multiple production processes. Some of these are daily inventory received, manufacturing line efficiency, seasonal production amounts, revenue, expenses, personnel, and more. These functions are accessible through mobile devices as well.

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    "The features and scope of OlivERP cannot be replicated by any commercial ERP available without spending millions of USD. This was only possible with Zoho Creator. Thank you for creating Zoho Creator!"
    - Ozelia
  • Kumi Motors SA de CV

    Tech Star in Automotives

    Kumi Motors SA de CV uses Zoho Creator for personnel management, demo vehicle use tracking, vehicle inventory, and more.

    The cost of personnel management systems runs an average of 16,000 dollars per year for a staff workforce between 400 and 500 employees. Zoho Creator helped reduced these costs and streamlined employee management, control, and communication. It also helped control demo vehicle usage control, cutting fuel costs by 70%, which currently represents 13,000 dollars annually. Zoho Creator also played a role in improving sales for used vehicles by 20%.

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    "With Zoho Creator, you can solve any problem that you have or create any type of control. It's the best computer solution of recent times because it allows you to integrate with other services. It's a magical thing."
    - Kumi Motors SA de CV
  • Joulon

    Tech Star in Oil & Gas

    The billion-dollar conglomerate, Joulon, takes up end-to-end rig activation contracts and manages deliveries of over $25 million per rig. Zoho Creator helps them to track shipments, shipping costs, and more.

    Joulon uses Zoho Creator to keep track of 1000+ line items, delivered through multiple shipments on different dates and with different modes. The platform is also used to keep track of conversations with vendors and generate monthly on the status of shipments, logistics costs, and accruals.

    "Zoho Creator improved on-time shipping by 30%, increased productivity by over 20%, and reduced incomplete shipment by over 75%."
    - Joulon
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology

    Digital Trailblazer in Education

    SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai uses Zoho Creator for all admission processes until a student graduates. The portal displays comprehensive information and automates processes for over 25,000 students.

    SRM has been able to reduce infrastructure costs and man-hours, giving them more time to develop and manage business solutions. Zoho Creator has also helped with rapid prototyping and iteration, quick integration with existing/newer systems, and scalability.

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    "We needed agility, frugality, and rapid application development on new business processes. We can meet those challenges with Zoho Creator."
    - SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  • Kumi Motors SA de CV

    Best QRPS Management System in Healthcare

    The National Maternity Hospital, the largest maternity hospital in Ireland, uses Zoho Creator to manage their QRPS data and information needs.

    Zoho Creator has helped to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical incident, enterprise risk, and operational management. Additionally, better data analysis capabilities, especially through visualization, have allowed NMH to develop and publish digital dashboards.

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    "We can state unequivocally that the use of our Zoho Creator apps has made our QRPS management more efficient and effective, contributing to the improved performance and responsiveness of our QRPS function and services—both internal and external."
    - National Maternity Hospital
  • Ativore Global Investments

    Tech Star in Real Estate

    Ativore Global Investments in São Paulo, Brazil enhanced internal processes and sales by building a revolutionary portfolio investment simulator with Zoho Creator.

    "I'm very glad Zoho is investing time and money on new features for Zoho Creator. I'm very excited and looking forward to using javascript for pages. That marks a huge evolution!"
    - Ativore Global Investments