Awards and honors that Zoho Creator has received


Zoho Creator wins the prestigious SIIA CODiE award for the "Best No-Code/Low-Code Platform" at #CODiE23

SIIA CODiE is the only peer-reviewed program to showcase business and education technology's finest products and services. A SIIA CODiE Awards win is an honor, following rigorous reviews by expert judges whose evaluations determine the finalists.

About the SIIA CODiE awards

Since 1986, the SIIA CODiE Awards have recognized education and business technology organizations, products, and services as leaders in innovation and excellence. What makes the CODiE Awards unique is that each nomination receives a detailed review by industry experts. Finalists receive a second round of peer review, so a CODiE Award win is the ultimate stamp of approval.

The organization evaluated Zoho Creator on:

  • Ease of use: It was important to determine how easy it is for users to use Zoho Creator's intuitive low-code capabilities to build simple-to-complex business apps quickly and easily.
  • Ease of collaboration: This detailed how Zoho Creator allows for easy collaboration, including governance controls to speed co-development efforts.
  • AI capabilities: Supporting information was provided on Zoho Creator's completely embedded and powerful business intelligence (BI) and analytics engine, with the latest AI capabilities.
  • Integrations: This covered how Zoho Creator easily integrates with both modern and legacy applications, with little coding.
  • Security: This dealt with how Zoho Creator leverages the tech stack of the Zoho ecosystem and holds certifications for international security standards, along with security and privacy compliance capabilities. This also covered Zoho Creator's role-based controls, auditability, and governance controls for iron-clad enterprise-grade security.
  • Scalability: Information on how applications built on Zoho Creator can be deployed at enterprise scale and integrated into the complex enterprise technology stack was integral to this year's win.
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Zoho's low-code platform, Zoho Creator, wins Gold in the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards

Zoho Creator participated in the Brandon Hall Group's Technology Excellence Awards under the "Best Advance in Business Strategy and Technology Innovation" category.

About Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group is a research and analyst firm with over 10,000 clients and 25 years of delivering research-based solutions to organizations worldwide. They run the HCM Excellence Awards, one of the first programs to recognize organizations for learning and talent. It's considered the gold standard—the "Academy Awards of Human Capital Management." Over the years, Brandon Hall has also transitioned into evaluating the technology industry, which is where Zoho Creator fits in.

Our entry was titled "Enabling technology innovation with powerful business solutions built on Zoho Creator's low-code application development platform."

The organization evaluated Zoho Creator on:

  • Value proposition: This details how Zoho Creator solves problems and addresses business needs, with specific examples of how our customers use Zoho Creator.
  • Product or program innovation: This section showcased details of innovative features of the latest version of Zoho Creator, including ease of use, efficient process building, and more.
  • Unique differentiators: What sets Zoho Creator apart? This section established how Creator leverages the Zoho ecosystem, our completely embedded AI/ML capabilities, developer-friendly features, extensive reports, customer portals, and more.
  • Measurable results: Customer outcomes, such as improvement in sales, revenue, efficiency, and enterprise-grade security were outlined with the help of our customer case studies for credibility.
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Zoho Creator finished Top 3 in the "Innovation in Automation" category of the Aegis Graham Bell Awards

Zoho Creator participated in the Aegis Graham Bell Awards, an Aegis initiative supported by Niti Aayog and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

About the Aegis Graham Bell Awards

The Aegis Graham Bell Awards have been functioning since 2010. Every year they felicitate forward-thinking startups, small businesses, and large corporations who transform the lives of millions of people.

For this award, our nomination was under the category of "Innovation in Automation."

The organization evaluated Zoho Creator on:

  • Problem defined/Market opportunity: This section covered Zoho Creator's value proposition and how organizations leverage the low-code platform for business needs, such as digital transformation, business process automation, and legacy modernization.
  • Innovativeness: This covered how we've been able to innovate our product features, such as rapid application development (RAD), application development lifecycle (ADLC) management, integrations, multi-device compatibility, and more.
  • Market potential/impact: This category outlined how Zoho Creator has enabled 6 million users across the globe to build 7 million+ apps. It also covered that over 14,000 paying customers utilize our services. The impact—such as cost savings, better decision-making, and social good—was elaborated on with the help of customer case studies. In addition to this, we also submitted a comparison document evaluating our features/offerings with our competitors, like OutSystems and Appian.
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