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  • Zoho Connect 2023: A decade of connection and a year of progress

Zoho Connect 2023: A decade of connection and a year of progress

  • Last Updated : May 9, 2024
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2023 wasn't just another year for Zoho Connect; it was a year of progress. We celebrated a decade of amplifying voices, building thriving work cultures, and putting the employee experience at the heart of everything we do.

Here's how we leveled up your work life in 2023:

  • With the live broadcast feature, you can reach thousands of people instantly, spark discussions, and build unity within your organization.

  • You can create your own personalized dashboard with your favorite resources at your fingertips, eliminating tab chaos and saving you time.

  • Dive into detailed insights and sentiment analysis connecting not just people but also connecting you with valuable data for optimized communication strategies.

  • The Member Stats tab keeps everyone informed about task progress, allowing leaders to offer timely support.

  • You can collaborate seamlessly with popular tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, right within Zoho Connect.

  • Work should be fun, right? That's why we launched Arcade, where you can gamify goals and conquer challenges with your team.

  • You can now celebrate achievements big or small on the company wall and foster a culture of appreciation.

Read our recap in detail here.

Let's build workplaces that truly matter.


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