How do I react to messages?

How do I react to messages?

You can tick-off a task, show excitement, approve or give a thumbs-down, and the list goes on... The possibilities of expressing your thoughts using emojis on Cliq is endless! 

Add a reaction:

  • Hover over a messsage, click on the Emoji icon that appears on the right side, and pick an emoticon (Zomojis, Live Zomojis, and universal Emojis). Your reaction will appear below the message. 
  • Once an emoji is added to a message, you can also make use of the add emoji icon displayed at the end of emojis list to add more reactions to that particular message. 

Remove a reaction: 

  • The emojis you've reacted will be outlined in blue color. Just tap on it to remove your reaction. 

View reactions and its users

  • In the chat window, just hovering on a reaction will list the users who reacted that emoji (minimum of 5 users).
  • To view the entire list, hover over the message actions icon and select View Reactions.
  • This will open a popup listing all users and their reactions. 
  • You can also scroll in topbar of popup and view the list of users under each reaction. 

More info on reactions:

  • You can add as many reactions as you like to a single message, there is no cap to the number of reactions a message can have.
  • You can't however repeat the same reaction for a message.




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