Team chat app for your business

Collaborate across teams and get work done efficiently by streamlining your communication through channels. Create channels for team discussions, organization-wide announcements, collaborate with clients & customers with external channels.

Working together is easy with channels

No team can work together in person all the time—that's why Cliq has Channels. No more tangled email threads: Create channels for each team or for multiple groups to ensure that continuity in team collaboration

Working together is easy with channels

Broadcast company-wide announcements

Make an announcement-only channel open to everyone in the organization and use it to broadcast company-wide news, updates, and announcements. 

 Add vendors and customers
channels for work

Structured collaboration powered by channel permissions

Channel permissions  provide structure and clarity to collaboration. You can manage everything from who gets to edit the channel info, add participants, host group calls, alter the channel type, and more. 

Collaborate with vendors, clients, and partners

Add your vendors, partners, and prospective customers to communication channels to discuss business and collaborate more efficiently. You can always remove or delete channels when they're no longer necessary.

Channels for work and fun.

Channels for work and channels for fun

Every organization has its book groups, sports fans, and tech aficionados. With Cliq, your employees can create channels for different interest groups to share your ideas and stay connected.

Bring your team together on a chat app that's built for work

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