Collaborate across teams in your organization

cliq multi-chat

Engage in multiple conversations with multi-chat view

Keep tabs on multiple conversations at once, and see the full picture in one view. Switch back to single-chat view and focus on a particular chat if there is a discussion that requires your undivided attention.

cliq make-calls

Connect over chat, make calls, or share screens

Make a call directly from any chat, share your screen during discussions, and quickly share files with your team members.

cliq multi-chat

Use channels to keep everyone on the same page

Streamline your conversations with Cliq channels for asynchronous team collaboration. Modify a channel’s accessibility using channel permissions, use @mentions to notify team members, and make sure your ideas, resources, and efforts align with team goals.

cliq make-calls

Maintain organized channel conversations with threads

Start focused discussions on specific messages and keep the context of the conversation intact with threaded replies. Host meetings and notify members who are following the thread without disturbing the others in the channel.

cliq brainstrome

Brainstorm with meetings

If you have a hybrid team, you need to ensure your team collaboration game is strong. Connect with audio and video meetings to share ideas, discuss in real time with the Whiteboard, take notes, and record your meetings for future reference.

cliq set-reminder

Follow up on important messages with reminders

Need to respond to a chat message but can’t get to it right away? Convert the message into a reminder, and Cliq will alert you at a set time.

cliq calender

Stay in sync with your calendar events

Keep track of upcoming tasks and stay on top of deadlines with the built-in calendar. All meetings scheduled in Cliq are synced with the calendar across your other Zoho apps. Let Zia, our AI-powered virtual assistant, orchestrate meetings and alert stakeholders while you run the show.

Extendbeyond your workplace

cliq discussions

Create a dedicated external collaboration space

For long-term collaboration needs with partners, vendors, and the like, you can set up a dedicated network for your Cliq organization. Add external stakeholders to the network and engage in productive discussions through chats and meetings.

cliq chat-history

Add guests to ongoing meetings

Make guests a part of your discussions without giving them access to your organization’s chat history. Simply copy the meeting link and share it with guests to get started.

cliq guest-invite

Connect with users from other organizations

Communicate with users from other organizations through one-on-one direct messages, or create an external channel and add members from multiple organizations.

Learn more about Cliq’s external collaboration features

Make all your appscommunicate with Zoho Cliq

Your team collaboration tool should serve as the central hub for communication and productivity. Connect Cliq with all your favorite applications to get a clear overview of task updates, bug fixes, new customer queries, and more—all from your chat window.

cliq video recorder cliq video call

Collaborateon the go

Cliq works seamlessly across all major devices to keep your team collaboration in sync, and it's available for free on iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, and Windows.

cliq device cliq video-call cliq video-call cliq video call

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