Create, update, and grow your mailing list.

Zoho Campaigns lets you easily create, edit, and segment mailing lists according to your campaign needs. Have a well-maintained mailing list, communicate with your target audience better.

Organize your contacts in no time.

Stop manually adding your contacts and start importing them. Zoho Campaigns lets you import contacts from an Excel sheet or sync existing contacts from your Zoho CRM. And if you are using any other CRM tool, you can always use the API to import your contacts. Have just few contacts to add? Manual entry is still available, so you can add new contacts one by one as needed.

Organize your contacts in no time

Know the health of your list.

You can create lists by importing contacts from your CRM tool or from signup forms on your website. Don’t worry about duplicates, bounces, and unsubscribes, as they are automatically removed. Zoho Campaigns makes sure your list is clean, as health of your list determines the success of your campaigns.

Know the health of your list

Customize your list. Reach the right audience.

One of the best ways to reach the right audience is by creating segments. Segmenting helps you send relevant content to relevant people. You can segment your list based on various criteria. For example, if you are running a sporting goods store, you can segment your list based on different types of sports and send out offers accordingly.

Customize your list Reach the right audience

Add signup forms. Get more subscribers.

Zoho Campaigns features plenty of signup form templates for you to pick from. You can choose one and place it on your website, blog, or social media sites to let the audience opt in for your newsletters, with subscribers automatically added to your mailing list. The main advantage of using a signup form is that only those who are really interested in knowing about your products and services opt in for your newsletters. That means you don’t receive any spam complaints or unsubscribes.

Add signup forms Get more subscribers

Reach your smartphone audience with ease.

To make things easy for the smartphone users you can embed a QR code onto your website. The audience can scan the code and immediately subscribe to your newsletter.

Reach your smartphone audience with ease

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