Email Marketing for Your BigCommerce Store

Connect your BigCommerce store with Zoho Campaigns and build meaningful customer relationships like never before.

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Simplify your ecommerce efforts

Get the best out of our scalable options for your ecommerce email marketing and know how you can generate more revenue for your store.

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Send timely follow-ups unique to every customer

Bring your store’s product and customer details into your Zoho Campaigns account and send personalized emails to your customers based on their buying behavior.

Automate significant store activities like purchase follow-ups and cart abandonment follow-ups with the help of workflow templates specially designed for ecommerce. Employ these in your email marketing and increase your revenue.

Promote your store through engaging campaigns

Make your promotions more interesting using our email templates specifically designed for your ecommerce business. Pull product information and coupon codes from your store and easily implement them in your campaign.

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Target the right audience

Segment your audience based on their purchase history—what they've ordered, when they ordered it, how much they have spent in your store, and more. This will help you craft content relevant to your audience's interests and lead to repeat customers.

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Know your ecommerce email marketing's performance

Zoho Campaigns tracks your email marketing efforts and provides meaningful insights on the number of orders and revenue your promotional and follow-up campaigns have earned you. This can help you refine your future email campaigns.

Drive your ecommerce revenue with Zoho Campaigns

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