S.u.b.s.c.r.i.b.e.r.s! It’s the term that forms the heart of email marketing. Every business that performs email marketing relies on their target audience, a.k.a the subscribers for all their engagement programs. With the ongoing buzz about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), email marketers need to throw some special attention towards their subscriber relationships. While subscribers’ data is still considered to be the key for delivering targeted email campaigns, the concentration now shifts to how this data is curated and managed.

As an email marketer, your focus now would be largely on collecting your subscribers’ data, processing data as per the norms, storing data securely, and making provisions for transfer of data. But will doing all these be as simple as putting them in words? It will, but only if you follow some essential steps and avoid a few other activities.

Here’s an infographic that gives an idea of the things an email marketer must and must not do, to comply with the GDPR.


We hope this infographic gave you some idea on how email marketing should be performed once GDPR gets ratified. Do share your thoughts in the comments section for we’d like to hear them all.

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Aishwarya Ashok
Product Marketer, Zoho Campaigns

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  1. Pete Austin

    No mention of “legitimate interests”?

    • Aishwarya Ashok

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for writing in.

      Every subscriber expects relevant and targeted emails from the brands they’ve subscribed to. When they see emails that are not of their interests, they’re sure to face the “Oh-my-God” moment.

      GDPR paves the way for such a targeted engagement approach. The points we discussed in this blog post are some of the best practices you could follow to engage with your subscribers in the cleanest manner so there’s no such “Oh-my-God” moment for them.

      GDPR gives a set of lawful bases out of which different ones may be applicable to different industries. Your point of stating “Legitimate interests” is right. For the factors that we discussed above, we found the “consent” lawful basis to be a good means for email marketing engagement.

      We’ll surely come up with some articles in the due course to explain these lawful bases in simpler terms. Thanks for getting in touch, and do leave your comments as and when you have any questions.


  2. Richard Andrew Jackson

    It all seems a bit daunting with or without the new process of personal information uses…. but I’m so very intrigued by it all.

    • Aishwarya Ashok

      Hi Richard,

      You don’t have to panic a lot as GDPR is the way to a clean and targeted email marketing. Write to in case of any GDPR-related questions, and we’d be glad to help you.