Adieu to accounting software that creates more work and cost.

Goodbye tedious copy and pasting, sayonara installations, and later to all that pricey accounting software! It's about time your accounting got a lot more efficient and your CPA's life got a whole lot easier. I think we can all agree that we're tired of tediously copying and pasting data from spreadsheet to spreadsheet or invoice to invoice—it's time to look into affordable software that syncs data across different platforms. While Quickbooks is a good alternative, it's still a pricey choice, with an outdated UI, and your data is shared within Intuit. Unlike the rest of many cloud-based accounting options, Zoho Books gives you full ownership of all your account information and has some of the tightest integrations available.

This May, we welcome all accountants, bookkeepers, small business owners, and startups to join us for our free Zoho One seminar tour on the East Coast. Come learn about the Zoho One suite, which includes over 50 pre-integrated applications (including Zoho Books, Inventory, Expense, Invoice, and Checkout). We'll show you how our cloud-based apps can save you time and money by syncing information across multiple platforms, integrating with payment gateways and banks, keeping your important financial data secure, amping up collaboration with multi-user functions, and more. Already using a Zoho app such as CRM? Great! We'll teach you how our integrated finance tools can optimize your current apps to make your business run more efficiently.

With Zoho One's integrations, you can save your finance and sales teams hundreds of hours by integrating Zoho Books with Zoho CRM so your salespeople can see the financial context of important customer information to close better deals, faster. And if you're a small business owner who does the job of the accountant and salesperson, even better! You can spend less time going back and forth between apps, and use that time to grow your business. We'll also discuss our integrations with inventory tools to help you monitor orders and update inventory counts in real time on several different platforms. And don't forget Zoho Subscriptions: We'll show you how easy it is to manage recurring payments and customer subscriptions, too.

If you'd like to learn more about our other tools for sales, marketing, support, customization, and collaboration, this seminar will be another great chance to get a better feel for Zoho One and how you can use it to optimize your business. And if you're already using a few Zoho apps, this will be a great opportunity to learn about ones you don't already use and see how everything integrates.

 Just need accounting software at the moment? No problem, we'll discuss how Zoho One gives you access to over 50 applications, and allows you to customize which apps you need now and which you'll want to implement later on. Think of Zoho One like a toolbox: You might not need an Allen wrench now, but when the time comes to build that Ikea furniture, you'll be glad you have it.

 So what are you waiting for? Join us for a full (and free!) day of learning more about the Zoho One suite and how you can run your entire business online with one platform. You can find us in Miami, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, or Chicago. Just register here. We'll also provide plenty of beverages and grub to get you through the day. We know that technology is changing every day, and we think it's time to take a stand against tedious busy work. Let's work together to get your business running more efficiently, and more affordably, so you can make more money and spend more time on the things you love.

Click here to register for our upcoming seminar.


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  1. I'm scheduled for Atlanta and looking forward to it having recently returned for Zoholics in Austin, TX a couple weeks ago.

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