We are excited to announce a new Kanban View in BugTracker! We want everyone to give this a shot, so we’re introducing a new BugTracker plan that is free, forever! Apart from this, BugTracker is also now part of the Zoho Projects free plan.

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The Kanban View is a representation of your bugs as cards placed in different columns. Each column represents a bug status, such as ‘Open,’ ‘In progress,’ and ‘To be tested.’ A simple drag and drop allows bugs to be moved from one column to another, provided the workflow you have defined, permits such a move.

The Kanban’s advantages are twofold. Firstly, it lets each employee in a project know what is required to be done at any time. When it comes to managers, it gets even better; it not just lets them keep track of work, but also helps to make improvements to the process itself.

To understand how this works, consider the problem of finding the best developer-to-tester-ratio for your team. What any outsider suggests could be based on his experience and not perfect in your context. This is where the Kanban can come in and give you first hand information. Say, you find your ‘In Progress’ column often getting longer than you’d like, it is possible that your development team is overloaded. Similarly, if your ‘To be tested’ column gets empty while others are occupied, you could try moving a few testers to other projects. By making such incremental tweaks over time, you can achieve significant improvements in productivity.

The BugTracker Kanban can also be viewed based on other properties such as severity, module and reproducibility. You can drag and drop bugs between columns here also. The old bugs view, can still be found under the ‘List View.’ This can now be viewed in a compact mode that lets you see more rows per screen.

The details of the bug are now shown in a universal popup. You see this same view, if you click on a bug in feeds, list view, Kanban view, or just about anywhere else. The filters that are active get reflected in the bug list on the left. You can switch through the bugs here, using your keyboard’s arrow keys.


A complete walk-through of the Kanban view is here. Check out these features today and let us know how you find them.

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  1. Luis E Tineo


    Thanks for sharing this information very good. I have noticed that only managers roles and above can see the tasks in Kanban view. Is there any reason why an “employee” role wouldn’t be able to see the kanban view?


    • Hari Narayanan

      Hi Luis,
      Kanban view can be seen by employees also. If your employees are not able to do so, please contact support@zohocorp.com with the details and we will help you out.

  2. Manish

    We are an Oil and Gas E&P Consulting Firm.

    Please let us know how we can integrate use of ZOHO for our Business operations.


    • Hari Narayanan

      Thanks for your interest Manish. We will get in touch with you via email to help you with this.

  3. Sergey

    What you did in bug tracker now is pretty awesome but it does not have some functionality which is needed such as time tracking, manage list of colums, associate documents etc and which task tracker (in kanban view) has and task tracker doesn’t have some needed functionality such as notifications on status changing, classification, Severity etc which bug tracker has. It would be awesome to merge their functionality in one really powerful tool.

    • Hari Narayanan

      Thanks for the feedback, Sergey, we’ve noted this down!

  4. Ibo Sy

    “Apart from this, BugTracker is also now part of the Zoho Projects free plan.”
    It appears that it is not part of the paid Zoho Projects plans though, is this intended?

    • Hari Narayanan

      Hi! If you’re part of a Zoho Projects paid plan, BugTracker will be available for just one project; that would be the first project you created as a free user. BugTracker is available as an add-on that you can purchase and use with all projects.

  5. John Lamont

    What would really be nice would be to be able to add to the status list of bugs. Many of us have a more complicated process for clearing tickets, as I’m sure you do too. To be able to define, on a project by project basis (some are more complicated than others and have different testing requirements) ticket status would be an immeasurable help. Or to define templates for them and then assign the template on a project by project basis.

    • Hari Narayanan

      Thanks John! What you are looking for should be already possible, our support team will get in touch with you to help with this.