Ever since we launched the latest version of Zoho Books with a new interface and added features, we have been receiving rave reviews from our customers.

We continue to investigate and interact with our users to see what other feature requests could be useful. Today we add another feature for inventory control thereby crossing yet another major milepost. We’re pleased to announce a new feature in Zoho Books: Purchase Order.

Purchase Orders are documents you issue when you buy products and services from a supplier. They help keep an account of all the purchases you make for your business.

This new feature in Zoho Books will allow you to:

  • Create and send customized purchase orders
  • Manage and access multiple purchase orders with ease
  • Duplicate PO for the same set of items or services
  • Track open Purchase Orders with our reports
  • Customize the PO template to match your supplier’s requirements


The Purchase Order tab on the new interface of Zoho Books is sure to be another appreciated feature for every user. We’ve made it comprehensive and easy to use.

Go ahead. Start using PO now.

Learn everything there’s to know about Purchase Orders  from our help page.


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  1. Margaret

    I’m loving Zoho.

    I would like to ask if its possible to add another column (other than “Item Name”, “Description”, “Qty”, and “Rate Amount”). Can I add like a “Item Code”

    • Harish

      Hi Margaret,

      By item code, are you referring to SKU? For now, we do not have the option of adding the item code. As a workaround, you can add the item code in the item description, which will be displayed right below the item name. Item code has been on our list of features. We will have it available, but we’re currently not in a position to commit a timeline for the feature’s availability.


  2. dirk

    Dear Zoho Team,

    is the Purchase feature released?
    I am not able to detect it in my zoho dashboard?
    I assume, it is not released, so when will it be released?
    I am excited about his feature,

    Kind regards,


    You guys do a great job, love zoho books

    • Harish

      Hi Dirk,

      Thank you for the great feedback. Yes, The feature is available. You can enable it from settings. You can learn more about enabling and using purchase orders from our help page

      Best Regards,