Tabbed Browsing, tags as folders & more

Zoho Writer just had another update today. Explaining few of the features here.

Tabbed Browsing: The screenshot below says it all! Open multiple documents within Zoho Writer, the Firefox way. Believe that will give you folks much more easiness to play with your documents in Zoho Writer!

Tags as folders: Tags have replaced folders in this Web 2.0 world (read GMail,, Flickr). But there are still folks who are die-hard fans of folders. Zoho Writer now combines the power of these two. Tag similar documents with a same tag & have such tags as folders in the left pane! Easy and at the same time, powerful right? Thanks to Phil Sim who suggested this.

Coming to other useful enhancements : The skin that you choose will now be remembered (from wherever you login, it will remain as your choice), all http://, https:// inside your doc will automatically be made a link (seems we are yet to do this for www), you can add comments on public docs (Zoho Planner already has it too!) & last but not the least, you can have some Global Settings in the form of ‘Options’ – save your skin, change your account password, open docs in tab format or not & whether to allow comments to your public pages.


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