Best ‘Personal Productivity and Organization’ Product

Dion Hinchcliffe, (who'd earlier reviewed Zoho Planner) in his list of 'The Most Promising Web 2.0 Software of 2006' has given the Best 'Personal Productivity and Organization' Product award to Zoho Planner. We feel honored!

From his blog :

Zoho Planner is a very capable Ajax-powered online planner that can handle to do lists, appointments, notes, and more using a very elegant, clean interface. It's now my favorite online organizer and I use it every day. Zoho Planner supports tagging, collaboration, e-mail notification, and much more. There are lots of Web 2.0 online planning products and while some are more detailed or more feature rich, none so far have quite the right feel like this one does.

Thanks a lot, Dion :-)

And, a review of Zoho Planner in says

I just found out there is a pretty awesome online todo planner system called Zoho Planner. This is similar to Backpack from 37Signals which you can separate different type of information and todo into different pages, you can then share it to other users. What it is superior is the ability to export it to iCal and also the unlimited space to attach files to your planner

Thanks, Leon Ho!


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