Robert Scoble on how to increase blog traffic

Robert Scoble had a cute little experiment going with his “brrreeeport” – a word he asked bloggers to have in their blogs, allowing him to calculate how fast & how many of these blog posts got crawled by the blog search engines. And he followed it up with a nice post on how to make it to the A-list. Points he mentions :

  • Have a good headline/opening text for each blog post
  • Claim your blog at Technorati
  • Be different (meaning stand apart from the crowd)
  • Have a good title tag for your blog
  • Tag often & have more tags for each post
  • Make friends with bloggers (be it the Z-list or A-list)
  • Mail people when you think you have a good blog post

Making it to the A-list or not, those sure are good tips for any blogger to increase their blog traffic.

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