Introducing Collaborative Code Snippets, and Quotes in Writer  

This is an exciting period for all of us at Writer. We recently announced a major overhaul in the way you work with changes, a bulked up mail carrier, our integration with WordPress, and new iOS and Android apps.

And we’re in no mood to stop. Today, we’re bringing in two additional document formatting options to make Writer adapt better to the way you work.

Collaborative code snippet

Here at Zoho, there’s something new being developed every day. Over 30 different product teams work around the clock to help you run your entire business. We get to see a lot of coding happening!

What we also see is some interesting ways our developers use Writer. Some insert code into documents and discuss it using comments, while others use it to document their code.

This, along with requests from some of you, got us very interested. So here we are: introducing collaborative code snippets in Writer.


From C to Swift, work in 13 common coding languages. This option, combined with Writer’s full-featured word processing capabilities, makes it easy to create your own knowledge base on the cloud. Access your code from any device, no matter where you are.

There’s also the familiar dark mode, if you’re nostalgic about your night-owl days.

Code Snippets come in four themes – Simple, Frost, Neon and Night Owl.



While coding is one form of elegant language, quotes or excerpts from your favorite writers are another. Whether you’re working on a blog post, or publishing an article of your own — you can now insert quotes or excerpts from your favorite writers, and quickly give it a style that stands out.

Default paragraph styles in Writer (Heading 1, Heading 2 etc.) now have a new Quote option, and it’s compatible with MS Word. We’ve created some graceful and simple quote designs for you to use.

Different quote designs in Writer

Happy Writing!

Get the complete Zoho advantage: You can now use Writer with the broad suite of products that Zoho offers by signing up for Zoho Workplace or Zoho One.


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    1. Hey, Rodo! Glad you liked the update. =] Yes, code snippets will be coming to Connect Manuals soon. We've already started working on that. We do not have immediate plans to bring it to Connect Forums though. Will update you on this.

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