Writer is integrated with WordPress.com’s blogging platform—which means you can create and edit documents, collaborate on them with friends, colleagues or classmates, and post directly to a web page or blog, all from one place.

Images, layout, and most of your formatting details will be preserved, too. All you have to do is to add your web content and hit Publish.

No add-ons needed. No extensions to be installed. Do it all right within Writer, from start to finish. It’s that easy.


Here’s a step-by-step guide:

I. Click Distribute at the upper right side of your document.


II. Click Post to Blog.


III. Select Add new site to add your blog to Writer.



IV. Log in to your WordPress account. Click Approve to complete authorization.


V. Enter the title of your post and add category tags. Click Publish to post, or Draft to save it for a final look. Images in the document will be added to your WordPress image library too.


That’s it! Your post is ready to go. 

WordPress Blog Preview

Preview of a blog posted using Writer


New to Writer? Writer is a powerful collaboration platform, built on a clean and crisp writing space. Add people to your document. Talk it over with comments and live chat. Track changes they make. All real-time, all free!

Start Writing. Write Away!

Rakeeb Rafeek
Product Marketing

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  1. Rhett

    Can a featured image be set in WordPress from within Writer?

    • Rakeeb Rafeek

      Hello, Rhett! We haven’t given an option to set featured images in Writer yet. However, we discussed it with the team, and are looking at the possibilities of bringing the capability to the product. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We’ll keep you posted. =]

  2. Dmitry Solovyev

    When I publish article to wordpress it copies CSS styles and other unnecessary stuff. How could I publish articles to wordpress with simple HTML code?

    • Rakeeb Rafeek

      Thanks for writing to us, Dmitry. We’ve discussed this in the team, and will try coming up with a more cleaner HTML code for this flow

    • Rakeeb Rafeek

      Hello Dmitry,

      We’ve now added an option to post your content as a cleaner HTML without the inline styles. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. 🙂

  3. Tony Wemton

    Simply put this is an amazing platform.

    • Rakeeb Rafeek

      Thanks much, Tony! 🙂

  4. Adam Engst

    A few questions:

    * Can you make changes in the Google Doc and resubmit to update the post in WordPress?

    * Are any changes made in the WordPress post migrated back to Writer?

    * Are images moved over at the size they were added to Writer or resized in some way?

    * Are images renamed or do they retain their original names when moved to the WordPress Media Library?

    * Do you have official support for self-hosted WordPress sites now?

    cheers… -Adam

  5. Sam

    Great work guys. When will this feature also be extended to Zoho sites?

  6. Carlos Aberdinas

    Really looking forward to having the possibility to post on my own domain wordpress site. Great work with Zoho Writer.

    • Rakeeb Rafeek

      Thank you so much, Carlos! 🙂

      We’re working on it. Will be ready very soon. Can you drop us a mail at support@zohowriter.com? We’ll help you set things up for your domain.

  7. Dmitry Solovyev

    Could you make this feature for stand alone WordPress (not wordpress.com)? All our community would definitely use Writer for this feature.

    • Rakeeb Rafeek

      Hi, Dmitry

      Support for self-hosted domains is coming soon. Hope I can give you the good news very soon. 🙂
      Thanks for writing to us!

      • Dmitry Solovyev

        Rakeeb, we will be the first ones, who will use this at full power. How many days do we have to prepare team for your release?

        • Rakeeb Rafeek

          I just spoke to our engineers. We’re almost there. Will be ready in a month.

          Can you drop in a mail at support@zohowriter.com, so that we can write to you first when it’s ready? 🙂 Our team would love to help you set things up.

          Also, do you have Jetpack installed on your page?

        • Rakeeb Rafeek

          Hi Dmitry, we have started testing Post to WordPress option for self-hosted domains.

          To try it, please install Jetpack for your blog by following these steps: https://jetpack.com/support/getting-started-with-jetpack/

          We’re really thrilled to see how you use it.

          Do write to us with your feedback.