Eliminate manual pay calculations with Rate Rules

Rate Rules in Zoho Workerly

Traditionally speaking, temp agencies were formed in order to provide large businesses with a large volume of talent. This then evolved into 'temp-to-hire'. One of the main objectives of temp agencies today is to match qualified temps with clients looking to fill temporary positions.

Companies often rely on temporary workers at peak demand times to reduce personnel costs and increase production. These planned increases in production can easily be communicated to a staffing agency, allowing them to plan accordingly. In some cases, the same temporary staff is employed on a recurring basis, eliminating the training and assimilation times that are required for most new hires.

It's a temp agency's job to assign the right temps to the appropriate clients and keep up with temp demand. A temp scheduling software helps save an agency time and effort when managing their temporary workforce.

Introducing Rate Rules in Zoho Workerly - Overtime and Special Rates

Overtime work on a positive note marks growth in business, while it also means increased personnel costs on the other hand. Utilizing a temporary workforce can reduce these expenses and help to focus on meeting business goals.

Usually, temps work on demand. It can be daily, on weekends, or on holidays. Paying them on time is very important, but it can get tedious when temps work different shifts with different pay levels. Rate rules help streamline this process. Defining a rate rule in advance allows agents to compute temp pay quickly and make fewer errors. We are now allowing agents to have either Overtime or Special rates (Weekday, Weekend, or Holiday) to be active for their temps.

Since Zoho Workerly is cloud-based and available on any device, it's simple to keep accurate records of temp attendance, regardless of the time or place. As soon as a job is completed, timesheets are generated with time stamps from the agent and temp.  Upon generating an invoice, a detailed overview of time and pay splits will be available to export to payroll.

Excited? Learn more about Rate Rules here.

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