Introducing Optical Character Recognition and Object Detection in WorkDrive

Introducing Object Character Recognition and Object Detection in WorkDrive

The universal content search in WorkDrive has been one of the most beneficial features for our users. You can find files from anywhere, on any device, and in seconds. You can search for a document using the file name, folder name, author name, and even keyword within the document's content.

In addition to that, you can filter your search results by file types, date, and location; WorkDrive's allows you to find content within each team and team folder too.

It saves you valuable time by avoiding the manual search of going through your organization's full long list of files and folders. Furthermore, it prevents data loss and allows you to pick the right data every time, playing a significant role in harnessing your organization's data to make critical decisions.

Now to broaden the scope of the searches and accelerate data discovery, WorkDrive introduces OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Object Detection to its search function. The ultimate idea of these functions is to help users find image files more easily, which is the most commonly used file format in most fields.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Finding an image file or a text file with images in it is a simpler process now, with WorkDrive converting all the images into searchable metadata using the OCR method.

Similar to finding a document using a text in the content of the file, WorkDrive allows you to search for data using the text within the images or scanned documents. Your search results will also show any image files that contain the text you searched for.

With this process, you can locate files even when you only remember the content in the image you need. For example, a marketing firm that runs campaigns for multiple businesses can search for their old social media images and posters by merely searching with their campaign captions or the company name.

Object Detection

Object Deduction

As the name implies, Object Detection is a method of identifying the presence of objects within images.

With this method, you can search for an image file with the name of the objects present in the image. This means you can type any object name, such as "person," "bicycle," or "car," and WorkDrive will fetch you all images depicting these objects. As of now, we support the object detection of 80 objects and are continually adding new objects to the list.

We are thrilled to bring these new features to our users. With businesses moving towards a significant shift in the way we work, ensuring your employees make the best use of your data is crucial. These new search capabilities help all your employees—from freelancers to staff working from home— find the files they need much more comfortably.


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