Zoho Viewer now supports WordPerfect Documents

Zoho Viewer now supports the Corel WordPerfect Document (.wpd) file format. Many of our users had requested support for this file format. There are lot of wpd files actively used in businesses such as for Legal documents, Architectural and Engineering specifications etc. Such documents can now be viewed online without needing to install any software. The wpd file format is supported in our Viewer APIs as well. Here is the full list of supported file formats: http://zohoviewer.wiki.zoho.com/Supported-Files.html

Note: We have a limitation of images not showing up in wpd files. We are trying to support this.

With this update, you will also notice formatting improvements and faster upload time for docx, doc and rtf file formats.

Give Zoho Viewer a try and send us your feedback to support@zohoviewer.com or post it on our discussion forum. We are working on a much improved PDF viewer as well. Stay tuned.


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