Announcing the Zoho Recruit API

We are happy to announce Zoho Recruit's Application Programming Interface (API) to all our partners, customers and developers. Now you can push or pull data into or from Zoho Recruit modules. You can now integrate with any Zoho services, third party applications, portals or websites. Your application can be in any of the programming languages like Java, Python, ASP, etc.

Some of the scenarios for which you can leverage Zoho Recruit's API :

  • Integrate with your HR systems
  • Create candidate/client portals in your web-application
  • Publish job openings in any custom formats 
  • Listing job openings based on industry, location, etc. 
  • Categorize the job openings based on custom status

Winston Taylor, an IT recruitment services and consultancy, recently had a need to show the current job openings in their homepage in a customized format. Using our API, they integrated Zoho Recruit's job openings module in their website, which allowed them to display their job openings in a customized way.

Try our API and share your feedback with us.

Stay tuned for more exciting features!

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