Introducing Webhooks, Command Line Password Manager, and other Zoho Vault enhancements

Passwords are a hassle to manage and can lead to significant cyber threats when left unmonitored. Credential exploitation and privilege abuse continue to be major threats to business data security. In fact, the latest data breach reports call credentials “one of the four key paths leading to your estate.” Password managers like Zoho Vault help businesses by automating the password management process, protecting sensitive passwords, and simplifying every user’s login experience.

To further enhance safe collaboration and productivity amongst teams, we have launched a few key updates to Zoho Vault. This includes real-time security monitoring, developer tools for password management, enhancements to the browser extension, and much more!

Here’s a detailed roundup of all the major launches from Zoho Vault in recent weeks.

Zoho Vault - New Features

Instant security alerts with webhooks
Timely alerts are crucial in identifying and curbing the impacts of privilege abuse. With a lot of actions happening in your business password vault every day, your enterprise admins will benefit from Vault’s new webhook integration.

Webhooks are automated actions that get triggered when a specific event occurs. By setting up custom workflows using Zoho Vault’s webhooks, admins can receive critical alerts to a channel on Slack, Zoho Cliq, or any other communication platform.

Additionally, businesses can use Vault’s REST APIs with webhooks to simplify user onboarding by automatically adding new users to relevant groups in Vault and sharing required passwords based on their role.

Access our documentation for APIs and Webhook and get started!

Robust CLI, at your command
Zoho Vault’s all-new command-line interface (CLI) is a secure tool that helps you manage your passwords from the comfort of your terminal. The CLI acts as a standalone desktop client where someone can add, edit, search, and modify passwords. You can also generate strong, unique passwords for all new accounts using the built-in password generator.

The CLI can currently be accessed from the terminal of your Linux, Windows, and Mac devices. Take a look at our CLI documentation to learn more.

New SIEM solution for Microsoft users
Vault’s integration with security information and event management (SIEM) services gives enterprises a holistic view of all the sensitive password-specific events happening in their organization. A new addition to our existing set of native SIEM integrations is Microsoft Sentinel. If you currently use Microsoft Azure, you can integrate Zoho Vault with Microsoft Sentinel to push password-event logs to Sentinel and closely monitor any potential insider threats or privilege abuse within your enterprise.

Dark mode, themes for browser extensions

Love the dark mode and customizable themes on our web app? Our browser extensions now support them as well. Switch to the extension’s detailed view and access the Settings tab to turn on the dark mode or set your preferred theme.

Enhancements to third-party password sharing
Sharing passwords with third parties using Zoho Vault

Access validity of passwords shared with your freelancers, contract workers, and other third-party users can now be extended up to 24 hours. This gives your business more flexibility when sharing passwords with trusted external users.

There’s more on the way!
We have plenty of other updates right around the corner. To instantly get notified about product announcements, follow our online community and our social media accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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