Get a holistic view of all critical activities

Integrate Vault's audit logs with your SIEM solution and monitor event logs in real time.

  • Extensive visibility on user actions

    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions help businesses aggregate security logs from various devices and applications in one place. By integrating audit logs from your vault, you get a holistic view of all critical operations performed in your company, bolstering your company's overall safety.

    Extensive visibility on user actions
  • Exhaustive list of audit logs

    Get clutter-free access to all critical Zoho Vault events from one place. Vault can share system logs of over 150 events with the SIEM service of your choice. These shared logs can be customized at any point based on your security policies.

    Exhaustive list of audit logs
  • Extensive security insights

    SIEM services provide customizable dashboards that identify and isolate different activities, trends, and patterns. Admins can use these insights to track the history of an alert by tracing previous occurrences of similar issues and build custom reports for admins based on different criteria like severity and periodicity of events. Such features help businesses narrow down potential insider threats and nip them in the bud.

  • Hassle-free log monitoring

    Log monitoring is a lot easier with SIEM services. You can remotely view your logs whenever required and configure custom alerts for critical events without having to access your vault.

Streamline access with customized roles

Assign suitable roles for everyone in your organization. A super-admin has complete control over the activities carried out in Vault. Admins can help them moderate critical activities, while a user has limited access privileges.


Leverage your password management system and gain extensive SIEM insights with Zoho Vault

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