Introducing Advanced Features in Zoho Vault to Curb Security Threats and Boost Productivity

This year has been the most productive year for hackers across the globe. To date, they have hacked over 35 million records. There are different ways in which hackers can use these stolen digital identities to commit fraud. Here are some of the weirdest: Stealing frequent flyer miles, health insurance, official data from their workplace; impersonating you or your brands on social media, selling them on black market; and so on.  

All it takes to protect your business from such cyberattacks is to adopt certain basic security practices:

  • Using strong and unique passwords for every website
  • Resetting passwords periodically, especially after a data breach
  • Configuring two factor authentication
  • Securely sharing passwords with friends, colleagues, and family

We built Zoho Vault to help businesses and individuals easily adopt online security best practices, equip them with advanced tools, and keep hackers at bay. Here are a few recently launched features we’ve developed that will curb increasing security threats and boost your productivity. 

Automatically change  website passwords

Periodically changing the passwords of all your online accounts, or changing them after a data breach and updating them across cross-functional teams, is time consuming. Zoho Vault automates this process. Just by clicking the ‘ icon,  you can assign a strong, unique password to your account. Zoho Vault now automates password changes for 45 popular sites, including Twitter, Quora, Airbnb, etc. We will keep adding support for new sites in the coming weeks.  Refer to our help documentation for more details.

Track the history of changes

In addition to automatically changing passwords, Zoho Vault also captures the history of changes made to your username, password, and other fields. The last five changes are displayed when you click the ‘ icon.

Swift login in mobile apps 

With TouchID, users can now quickly log in to Zoho Vault’s native mobile apps (Android, iOS) using their fingerprint, PIN number,  or their login credentials.

Safari extension 

Browser extensions help you perform most of your day-to-day password management operations, such as automatically logging on, filling in login credentials, and saving new passwords. We are already providing browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Now, we are rolling out an extension for Safari.

APIs for programmatic access (beta)

With the addition of APIs to Zoho Vault, large enterprises can now fetch data from their account through code, without any manual intervention. Since we use the Host-proof Hosting security pattern, the decryption mechanism has to be developed by users themselves, based on their internal requirements. Interested teams can shoot an email to, and we’ll send them the documents with detailed instructions.

Break glass account for emergency access

During emergency situations (such as when the admin for your organization’s Zoho Vault account is sick or unavailable), it is now possible for any user to access the passwords shared within a team, without compromising security and data privacy. Super Admins in Zoho Vault, or any trusted users, can be designated as emergency contacts and given emergency access provisions. Refer to our help documentation for details.

 Integration with Azure Active Directory

Zoho Vault is now integrated with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory for better collaboration and effective user management. This integration will help teams leverage their already existing identity management investment and enjoy the power of single sign-on, remote access, dual layers of protection, real-time monitoring, and enhanced security. Refer to our help documentation to explore how this integration works.

We built these features based on the constant feedback we receive from our active users and industry experts. Go ahead and try the new features, and let us know your feedback in our forum.


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