Spend less time grading tests and more time teaching with Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey feature update

While teaching can be rewarding, it is also a demanding occupation. For many teachers, one of the most demanding parts of the job is grading their students' work. We hope to ease this pain with the new scoring and response restrictions features in Zoho Survey.


The Scoring feature turns your tests paperless while drastically reducing  time spent grading responses.

Start by converting your test into a survey and click "Scoring" in the "Advanced options" menu to assign points for the right answer. Every time a student responds, the report gets updated with his or her answers and the associated points scored.

The reports also give you a cumulative outlook on your students' performance without manually evaluating it.

Response restrictions

Multiple or unwanted responses can skew the results of any good survey. Traditional users of Zoho Survey know there is an option to prevent this by restricting the survey to accept only one response per computer.

This works by using the respondents' browser cookies. The feature has been expanded to enable users to restrict responses using unique URLs.

Each unique URL would have a parameter to identify its respondent. The survey's report will show the respondent's identity so teachers can better analyze each student's strengths and weaknesses.

The above features could also be used by other survey enthusiasts to weight their responses, and limit spam. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


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