7 Tips to Get Bigger and Better Survey Results

Want better response rates? Here are some quick tips for you.

Tip #1 - Use Zoho Survey

All masters are masters of the fundamentals. Start with the basics. Use a survey tool.

Tip #2 - Create multilingual surveys

While English may be the lingua franca of business, it's always nice to be able to localize your content.

create multilingual surveysSelect your languages of choice, tweak the translation if you'd like and click to publish! Let your audience pick their language of choice!

translated survey

Tip #3 - Embed Surveys on Facebook

You have fans on Facebook. They have important thoughts and opinions on how you're doing. Get your surveys to this crowd. Use our built in embedded survey instead of just a bland URL link.

embed survey on facebook

Tip #4 - Distribute surveys to all your contacts using email campaigns

Like emails? Perfect! Use an email campaign tool to distribute your survey.  It's basically composing an email to a larger audience, plus, you get extremely useful stats such as the open rates, click rates, what time and where your emails are being opened, on what devices. You can even test content with A/B campaigns. Zoho Survey is ready to rock and roll right out of box!

use Zoho Campaigns and MailChimp

Tip #5 - Place surveys on your website

Got an awesome website that you and your designers slaved over? Take it to the next level and embed surveys to get back relevant feedback for your product/service, suggestions or general questions you'd like to ask your fans. Afterword, debrief with the results and make your next strategic decision with this tactical feedback.

embed surveys on website

Tip #6 - Use QR codes for mobile surveys

Need a QR Code? It could be on a product label or the back of a business card. If the best way to reach out to the community is through printed media such as magazines, trade journals, newspaper, etc., then put your survey with a scannable QR code.

QR code for mobile surveys

Tip #7 - Print your Survey - The Classic Survey Solution of Pen & Paper!

No internet? Already created a survey and still want it done the old fashioned way? Take a print out of your survey and make sure your respondents have a pen.

Print surveysThere's your seven tips!

Questions? Have better tips to share? Email us! feedback@zohosurvey.com


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