Zoho Subscriptions is now connected to 400+ web apps using Zapier!

Companies today use a multitude of web applications for various purposes.

While Zoho Subscriptions helps you to efficiently manage and track recurring billing, users might still want to integrate certain actions of Zoho Subscriptions with their in-house applications.


For instance, once you enter the office, the first thing that you would do is check your e-mails and then have a look at your schedule for the day. If you are the head of an organization, you would take a look at the list of customers and decide if you have to add a customer to the campaigning list or wish to address them instantly through an SMS regarding a payment failure or success. Simultaneously, you might create a task for the sales person to track your subscribed customers in project management or create a ticket for a support person to track a payment failure in support management....

My God! This list never ends and your day is already over.

Just imagine if all this happens automatically, without developers, without a single line of code and with just a few mouse clicks. Yippeee! You can save a lot of time, right?

So this is for you..

Our Subscriptions app has now been integrated with Zapier to help improve the data exchange and communication between various applications.

If you're not familiar with Zapier, it is a web automation platform that allows businesses to connect hundreds of best-in-breed web services.

You can connect Zoho Subscriptions to a lot of other popular web apps like Slack, Asana, Twilio, Salesforce, MailChimp, Wufoo, Zendesk, Thankster etc.

This is what our customer Hugo, Founder of Artsper had to say about the integration,

Thanks to Zoho Subscriptions and Zapier integration, we handle our workflow effortlessly without any line of code. Now our customers can fill out the custom Wufoo form and subscriptions are created automatically in Zoho Subscriptions.

This integration of Zoho Subscriptions with Zapier will make your life easier! Automating tasks is now a breeze with Zoho Subscriptions.

Head over to our integrations page to find out more.

Check out some popular Zaps below.

popular zaps

Give it a spin and share your feedback with us.


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