Introducing Zoho Sign's integration with Sign with Singpass

Singpass, Singapore’s national digital identity, is one of the Smart Nation strategic national projects. It provides a convenient and secure platform for Singapore residents to transact with Government agencies and private sector organisations. To date, this includes 700 organisations offering more than 2,000 services.

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The "Sign with Singpass" feature, launched in November 2020, allows users to digitally sign documents such as contracts and agreements using their Singpass credentials.

How "Sign with Singpass" works

Sign with Singpass allows users to digitally sign documents using their signing certificate (issued by the National Certification Authority) contained in their Singpass app. The digital signature generated using the signing certificate is cryptographically linked to the signer, providing businesses higher assurance of the authenticity and integrity of the signed documents.

Zoho Sign + Singpass:

Today, Zoho Sign is elated to introduce the launch of Sign with Singpass along with the Singapore Government to make the digital signing of business documents seamless. Now, Sign with Singpass + Zoho Sign allows users to sign any document, from sales contracts or brokerage agreements to procurement and mortgage forms, all without needing to be physically present.

To use this integration:

  1. Enable Sign with Singpass in Zoho Sign.
  2. Follow the regular steps to sign the document yourself or to collect signature from others.
  3. Select the Sign via Singpass option during the document signing process.
  4. Open the Singpass app on your mobile device and scan the QR code to sign the document. Follow the on-screen instructions on your Singpass app.
  5. Once the document is signed, you can download the document signed with Singpass from your Zoho Sign account at anytime.

 Where can this be used?

  • Business - Invoices, sales contracts, Income tax filings
  • Banking & Finance - Loan agreements, account openings, credit reports, beneficiary forms
  • Real Estate - Mortgage forms, brokerage agreements, leases, rent agreements, closing disclosures
  • Government - Procurement forms, enforcement documents, licensing documents

 Key benefits of Sign with Singpass:

  • Seamless mobile-ready document signing experience
  • Provides the highest level of assurance and compliance
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

This integration is now readily available to all our existing users. Enable this integration to all your signers by navigating to the Settings menu and then Integrations. We also offer comprehensive help documentation to configure this integration in your account.

If you are not already a Zoho Sign user, sign up for a 14-day free Enterprise trial and if you have any questions or feedback about Zoho Sign, write to us at or drop your comments below.


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