Two ways to enhance sales agent performance

This is a guest post by Kixie. 

All sales managers have one worry in common: business growth. The process of accelerating sales and revenue is complicated, and while sales pitches and sales enablement software are needed, the most important aspect to invest in are sales people.

So, how can you empower your sales employees to perform at their best? Here are a couple of practices to keep in mind for enhancing sales agent performance.

1. Automate tiresome tasks to avoid burnout

Employee burnout can stem from various sources, including being required to execute repetitive, boring tasks like leaving the same voicemail over and over again, logging call disposition data in the CRM, and manually sending the same follow-up text message to every prospect. Luckily, many of these tedious tasks can be automated with the Kixie for Zoho CRM integration. This seamless integration adds a layer of convenience to Zoho CRM so users can make calls and send SMSs right from the CRM interface. Here's what you can do with this integration:

  • Voicemail drop: Create unlimited pre-recorded voicemail messages for any type of lead or situation. You can then drop the desired voicemail into your prospect's inbox through voicemail drop and get hours of your day back each day.
  • Bi-directional CRM integration: Calls, texts, outcomes, activities, and more can be synced automatically with the Kixie for Zoho CRM integration. This not only shortens the time between calls, it practically guarantees good record keeping and accountability.
  • Automated SMS messages and templates: Free up your agents’ time by scheduling automated SMSs based on calendar events, CRM tasks, and more. You can save even more time by creating custom SMS templates with dynamic fields to send a text with the click of a button as a follow up to a call or on its own.
2. Gamify performance management

Promoting from within, offering free professional development opportunities, and coaching green sales agents are all proven ways to retain and sharpen talent within your organization. However, these tried and true methods are just the beginning. Leveraging gamification tactics and incentivizing employee learning can lead to even greater outcomes and positive employee attitudes towards the organization.

  • Acknowledge achievements: Positive reinforcement works in gaming and incentivizes players to keep going. The same concept can be leveraged in the workplace by acknowledging significant achievements and awarding experience points to high-performing employees.
  • Leverage sales leaderboards: An agent comparing their sales performance against other agents in the company can be a huge motivator. Sales dialer software, like Kixie, often includes sales leaderboard options that can track the sales performance for the overall company, a team, and individuals.

Ready to level up your sales team's performance? The Kixie integration for Zoho CRM can help by automating call logging, enabling sales reps to easily make calls, saving them time to focus on selling.

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