Zoho Show : Add Notes, Save to your desktop & more

Zoho Show had an update hours earlier. We have come up with some features that will assist you while doing your presentation.

There is a new Notes section added. Allows you to add Notes to each of your slides which you can refer to while giving a presentation. And worried about network connectivity not being available for giving your presentation? Don’t. Click on the ‘Export as HTML’ link & save the presentation you created in Zoho Show to your desktop. The presentation can now be viewed in the offline mode from within your desktop.

Other than the above there are lots of small enhancements too. Along with ppt & sxi, files with pps extension can now be imported into Zoho Show. The right click context menu has been enabled in Edit mode. The presentation file names you create in Zoho Show can now have special characters in them and issues while an iframe is drag n dropped/resized has been fixed too.

Try the new Zoho Show & tell us what you think.


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