Is Zoho focused?

The question about "Focus" for Zoho has been raised recently ( Competitors differentiates with Zoho by pointing the Focus angle ). To show you how focused we are, I am just giving the statistics of updates ( new features, bug fixes etc., ) we have been doing in each service. I have only taken the 4 services ( whole office suite + Zoho Creator ) as sample here to show our focus & commitment.

You can verify this statistics with those of competitors to see the difference for yourself. I am pretty confident that our pace will either be higher or on par with competition.

Here is the summary of updates for each service

Zoho Writer

Alpha Released on Sep 30 2005

( Update ) Beta Released on Dec 21 2005

22 updates in 10 months

Zoho Creator

Beta Released on Dec 21 2005

10 updates in 7 months

Zoho Sheet

Beta released on Apr 6 2006

7 updates in 3 months

Zoho Show

Beta released on June 22 2006

4 updates in 1 month

Here is a public sheet with the details


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