Share Your Stories To The World With Zoho Show.

A poignant story or a groundbreaking idea should never go unshared. Great classes, stellar business reports, inspiring training sessions, and killer sales pitches deserve wide audiences. And when you want the world to know, publish and share your Zoho Show presentations online.

Publishing your slides, sharing a slide deck to a curated group via email, or embedding presentations on your blog for the greatest number of views has become easier now than it has ever been. Zoho Show’s publish makes sharing your work facile.


Reach a wider audience
Use Zoho Show to publish presentations within your organization without the hassle of attaching huge files to emails. Directly share the link on the company’s intranet site, and make your material available to all the right people. From HR professionals who need to inform employees about policy updates, to managers who want to share product performance stats across departments, and anyone else who needs to get information out in a compelling and reliable way, Zoho Show broadcasts you at your best.

Discover new connections
As marketers, we understand the importance of reaching out to potential prospects. Sales requires constant, flawless communication. Share across social media with Zoho Show to reach prospects, new and old, no matter where they are.

Presentations anytime
Consider a blogger who wants to share an idea with his audience, or a lecturer looking to distribute her course materials with her students. Zoho Show lets them create visually stunning presentations and embed them on blogs and websites. Your presentations are available for anyone you want, at a time of your choice.

Downloadable presentations
To share your presentations with an entire crowd all at once, simply publish and make the slide deck available for download. Stop wasting time transferring your presentations through a thumb drive.

Manage versions
Constantly modify and improve the slide content without disturbing the live deck by locking what’s already published. Or easily re-publish a new version on-demand. When you’re done, Zoho Show makes it easy to set a presentation to private.

Don’t let your presentations collect virtual dust on your desktop. Share them far and wide with Zoho Show.

Happy Presenting!


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