Introducing: Zoho Show Slideshow Viewer for Android and iOS Devices

Did you know that almost 29% of the global workforce is mobile? These employees work from various locations, access office tasks on multiple devices and rely on a spectrum of apps to get their work done. One year ago, most of us would have only had basic apps for email or file storage on our mobile devices. Today, with more people migrating to a mobile ecosystem and working outside of a defined physical location, office documents are increasingly being viewed on smartphones and tablets.

This shift is mainly driven by the increasing use of mobile devices to complete routine office tasks. With a lot of marketing and sales professionals taking this route, it’s hardly surprising that a mobile edition of a presentation software is heavily sought.

We realize the need to support this changing work behaviour and help you in your  day-to-day business while you are on the move. So, we are pleased to introduce the Slideshow Viewer version of our presentation app, Zoho Show, for both android and iOS devices.

Presentation-ready. Always.

As a Zoho Show user, you can now carry your presentation on any device you choose – be it smartphones, tablets or laptops. Be it a business meeting with a client, an unexpected  elevator pitch or just rehearsing your presentation while traveling – the viewer helps you stream your presentation whenever you wish to. Collaboration is also easy as you can share your work with your colleagues from whatever device you carry.

Use slide pen to highlight content.

The Sideshow Viewer lets you use a slide pen to mark or highlight content on any relevant slide. The highlighted content is reflected in real time on the screen displayed to the audience. This makes life easy for presenters who often struggle with pocket lasers to point out key takeaways.

Blacken screen to grab attention.

Additionally, you can also blacken slides to get your audience to focus on your narrative  while presenting. With the slide blackened, the audience’s attention is completely on the presenter and your talk rather than on the content or visuals displayed on the slide. This feature works best when you wish to refocus the audience attention on you or address audience questions.

Meanwhile, we are also refining the Slideshow Viewer app to accommodate every feature available on the web version. We will not limit important features to any particular platform, we promise!  All your favourite features will be available with you on the move, always.

We would love to hear about your experience using Zoho Show on your mobile device. Download the Zoho Docs app(iOS and Android) now and share your feedback with us.

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